International Peace Day 2021

Today marks International Peace Day for 2021

How many years has it been since the end of World War 2, a little over 75 years, and while there was the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, I would say in my lifetime, I don’t think we have been closer to a third world war. We were supposed to have learned our lesson from World War 2, these atrocities were meant to never occur again, and yet here we are in 2021, closer to a World War 3 than we have ever been.

I have always said that if a war broke out, it would be between USA and China over Taiwan. And inevitably other countries would also get drawn into the conflict. It is the scenario that plays out in the year 2000 version of the nuclear holocaust movie “On the beach”. In the movie, somebody says, we knew this could happen, why didn’t we do anything about it. I don’t think time is on our side. I see democratic countries like USA and the EU countries putting dollars above all else, above democracy, above freedom, above human decency.

I am optimistic that a nuclear third world war can be averted but the answer to this problem is not an easy one. A laser like focus is required, volunteers are required.

So many trillions of dollars spent on weapons around the world, but what money is allocated to people who are trying to promote world peace, yes nothing, not a cent.

I just finished watching this 60 minutes Australia news story. Rather chilling, and when mainstream media starts discussing a potential global conflict, it’s time people started paying attention. If anybody has some comments on this discussion, please type them in the comments section.

Donald Trump

I am not American, nor do I support one political party over another, but I genuinely wish both Donald Trump and his wife Melania a speedy and full recovery. This truly is an insidious disease. He was right in saying that the CCP was lying about how deadly it was, stopping the spread within its own country and yet exporting it around the world, criticising those who decided to close their borders and trying to brand them as racist.

I was a critic of Donald Trump at the start of his presidency, but I respect democracy, and I think to an extent, one has to accept the leader that has been chosen during that term. Has he made mistakes, of course he has. Human life should always be placed above the economy and dollars. The economy will bounce back and eventually grow to be stronger than ever, but those more than a million lives lost the around the globe are gone forever. He should have let the medical experts like Dr Fauci set the course on tackling the pandemic. He should have asked for help from minds much smarter than himself, like Bill Gates to help on the advisory committee, I am sure he would have assisted with some good sound advice. But he let his ego get in the way and absolutely he has made some bad decisions. There is no recovery for those who have died. Being a president or prime minister of any country during this pandemic is not a task I envy,

Whilst I disagree with some of his policies, I think Donald Trump is a decent person, I believe he is trying to do what he thinks is the best thing for the country. Of course like any politician he does also pander to some groups and does things that are clearly not in the best interests of the country, One area where he is spot on the money about is “Fake News” I learn not to trust the news, they simply do not care for the truth, they are just interested in sensationalism and grabbing headlines. Also many of the big media networks are backed by big corporate interests and are merely instruments of those corporate sponsors.

He really should step aside and let Mike Pence take over and relax and focus on recovering from this disease. At age 74, he is in a high risk category, he doesn’t need the added stress of dealing with the presidency and I am sure people will understand. The japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe stepped down from the top job due to health concerns, there is no shame in stepping down for a few weeks to recover. And to the people saying hateful things at a time like this, now is not the time for that.

Get well soon @therealdonaldrump

Seven Years in Tibet

I recently re-watched the movie Seven Years in Tibet, which I originally saw around the time of its original release in 1997. With the exception of Richard Gere, you don’t see too many hollywood celebrities speak out about what happened in Tibet. They are probably all afraid of being blacklisted in China or their hollywood studios know that any movie they appeared in would be banned through China which is a large market for box office sales.

But, I don’t care about any of that. The world needs to be reminded about the Tibetan cause and the illegal occupation of Tibet. I am not buddhist or a member of any religion for that matter, but the Buddhist philosophy is a peaceful one, and it is shameful that the world sits by and watch evil triumph over peace. There is nothing really communist about the CCP, it is essentially a dictatorship where the elite get very very rich. And modern day dictatorships should be banished in the same way as human slavery. In my opinion a proper functioning democracy is essential to world peace. So as countries sat by and did not want to offend China in the name of corporate profits, they let the aggression run free, and now we have a situation where CCP is terrorising its asian neighbours on many fronts.

As mentioned in a previous post, about the movie On the Beach, China invaliding Taiwan, and USA intervening is the situation that leads to a nuclear holocaust. That scenario was posed back in the year 2000, but 20 years later we seem to be edging closer to it. The corona virus has lead to the death of nearly a million people, that number would probably pale in comparison to a situation if war broke out.

But it all seems too hard of a problem, what can I do about it, you can start by joining a peace organisation, there are many about. We are but one. Or next time you pick up something to buy, or add something to your Amazon or online shopping cart, look at where it is made. If it is made in China, do not buy it, do not help fund the military regime that is showing so much aggression.

The World is more dangerous

The World definitely feels as though it is heading towards more dangerous times. China fighting over borders with India, China fighting with just about all of its asian neighbour through its nine-dash and building artificial reefs and military airfields. China vs citizens of Hong Kong, China wanting to take back Taiwan. Just to be clear, I love the people of China and its culture, And to be fair, anything they are currently doing has been done by both England and USA, in some part they seem to be copying moves from their playbook. If history is shown anything, when a new superpower (in this case China) goes up against a waning superpower (USA) war erupts.

We have seen lots of small conflicts around the globe, but we have enjoyed relative peace, because for the most part these conflicts have not been between superpowers. But if a war breaks out between two nuclear countries, like India and China or USA and China, things could get worse very fast. The last time we had a major worldwide pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1917. We grew complacent, despite the warnings from people like Bill Gates, nobody thought it would happen and nobody was adequately prepared for it. The same goes for War, the last World War ended in 1945 and we have grown complacent, many people believe it will never happen. Likewise Bill Gates good friend Warren Buffet has spoken on a few occasions about the threat of nuclear war. These two are some of the most brilliant minds alive on the planet today. I think the world would be foolish to not listen to them.

I was listening to a Sky News article and a professor was saying if there is any conflict between India and China, it would only take around 10 to 15 nuclear weapons to be detonated before the world sees a nuclear winter like what Carl Sagan warned the world about. Quite simply a war between nuclear countries cannot be won. The whole planet loses and will suffer from the nuclear fallout.

You can see countries preparing for war and increasing military spending. But who is preparing for peace. That is where we come in. Like minded people dedicated to peace within themselves and spreading that message of peace across the globe. If we for a a large enough group in various countries, and if we lobby governments to commit to a series of guidelines which will lead to a more peaceful world, as a group we can collectively lobby and cast our vote to make a difference. But that is just one small part of a multi faceted approach. At the heart will be a dedicated effort to build a group of people who live in a peaceful way. A good part of my life has been a search for truth, and I have tried to find peace in my life, knowing that once that was fulfilled, I would try and help others. Many of you may have seen this site over the years and been disappointed by my lack of effort, but I had to do what had to be done. A person at peace, can simply not take part in war. These leaders of countries are deluded people, who are too self absorbed in their own egos, and it is this ignorance that drags us all closer to war. To anyone who has seen the movie “On the beach” there is one scene, where Ava Gardner who plays Moira says

Moira Davidson All I want to know is: if everybody was so smart, why didn’t they know what would happen?

Dwight Towers They did.

Moira Davidson Well, I – I can’t take it. I – oh, yes, I can take it! But, it’s unfair. It’s unfair because I didn’t do anything. And nobody I know did anything.

I wont be among those who didn’t do anything, how about you?

Where Hands Touch

This is a must see movie for anybody interested in peace. This madness took place not all that long ago in the grand scheme of things. To think that people could discriminate and in the case of this movie annihilate a race of people based purely on the pigment of their skin or their ethnicity defies belief. And yet it continues to happen.

The movie tells a story of a past which should not be forgotten.

World Peace and Spirituality and Truth

When I look at the various attempts to bring about World Peace, and how they have failed, I think one of the shortcomings has been a failure to address a persons spiritual needs. Put simply, a person who has a sense of inner peace is simply not capable of going to or supporting war.

So while bringing people together is a core mission of this site, so too is helping people achieve a sense of peace within themselves.

This is a banner I had created some time ago, but the message holds true today and remains the core mission of this site.

When I say spirituality, I am not referring to religion. Religion involves belief, and belief has been the cause of so many wars. People have gone to war and killed people, believing that they were doing something right and noble. Also at the first sign of trouble, belief crumbles. I want to support people in their search for the truth. The truth and knowing is solid like a rock. I want people to experience the truth about life. Yes religion can provide a sense of comfort, something like holding on to a cushion or blanket from your childhood that brought you comfort. The search for truth can be filled with uncertainty as you detach from those beliefs that brought you comfort. All I can say, as somebody who has embarked upon a long search for truth and meaning, I wont sugar coat it and say it is easy, but I can say it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. The truth is not cold or depressing, it is something that brings with it, the most valuable of all things, a sense of peace.

If people are happy in life, then by all means continue, I do not try and convince people to change, but to those who are lost or disillusioned or troubled, I encourage them to search for the truth. This involves dropping every thing you have been taught and starting from a clean slate without any prejudice or bias. I also tell people not to believe anything I say or anybody else says, to listen and explore for themselves. To listen and see what resonates with them as the truth, and then to actually experience this truth for themselves.

Site Updates 2018

Just made a few minor changes.
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Global Peace Index – Is the world really more peaceful?

First let me preface this by saying I am a big fan of the work being done by Steve Killelea, a fellow Australian, who is the person behind the Global Peace Index, seriously the work he has financed should have been funded by governments, but I am glad that somebody has seen the merit of this in depth study. You can view the global peace index at
I did not have the time to read the entire document, my time lately has been occupied with doing job applications. But I have briefly skimmed through it. The title stated “The world has become more peaceful in the last year.” Numbers may be able to come to that conclusion, but my sentiment and instincts tell me that is not the case. Ever since President Trump has been elected, I have often woken to read some disturbing arrogant tweet by the president of the worlds largest military superpower.
The report mentions that 93 countries have become more peaceful and 68 countries have become less peaceful. But seriously you could have 100 countries become more peaceful, and only 3 countries become less peaceful, but if those three less peaceful countries were nuclear superpowers like the USA, China and Russia, then in my opinion the world is a vastly more dangerous place.
When I look at what is happening in Syria, the conflict in interests between USA and Russia, when I look at the nine dash disputed territory and China building artificial military reefs in what clearly belongs to other neighbouring countries, when I look at conflicting interests between China and USA over Taiwan, and the escalating tensions between the USA and North Korea, it doesn’t natter what statistics may say, my feeling is the world is becoming a far more dangerous place.
For me the real threat is nuclear, the magnitude of destruction is just so much greater, not just in the actual destruction, but even more so from the nuclear fallout which winds would inevitably spread across many other countries. Yes the old movie “On the beach” is still chilling, as they moved to Melbourne Australia to escape fallout from San Francisco USA. So in order for the index to be more accurate, I think each country needs to be weighted based on their nuclear capability for destruction.
And while I think it is important to understand and quantify the correlation between Peace and Economics, I don’t think it can be argued as a selling point for making the world a more peaceful place. Lets face it, those countries and people that seek to kill each other are just plane insane, I don’t really think they could care less about economics or prosperity. It also fails to explain that yes it may lead to economic prosperity for a country as a whole to be more peaceful, there is absolutely no doubt in that, but it does not address the issue that war is infinitely more profitable for a very small sector of the population who are yielding incredible profits and wealth from the defence industry. And these corporations do fund and have strong political influence over politicians. Politicians, most of them seem motivated in their own self interest and glorification, not all, but most. I would definitely consider Bernie Sanders as an exception to that statement and I am sure there are other good men in politics, but I would say the majority are just playing some game to get in power and serve their own self interests. Change will come from the people, not from governments.
If one is serious about peace, I think rather than producing some sterile report that appeals to governments and the elite intellectuals, I think the gloves need to be taken off and the problem needs to be exposed for what it is. Countries are continuing to fight just through sheer ignorance and delusion. People live their lives thinking they will live forever. If they were not completely brainwashed since birth, they would be able to see the complete insanity of war and killing each other. Religion for the most part is rubbish. Like Voltaire said, if you can convince somebody to believe an absurdity, you can convince them to commit an atrocity. Just to be clear, some people consider Buddhism a religion, I think of it more of a philosophy or a way of life. I spent most of my life searching for truth, and while I am not buddhist, and was not influenced by Buddhism in any way, having recently watched an Indian series on Buddha, I would say many of the conclusions I came to were similar. I believe everybody should go on their own personal search for truth and not blindly follow whatever their childhood conditioning is.
If I was in the position to do something on a grand scale like the world peace index and the charitable foundation, I would not scatter my energy so widely. This may sound cruel, and I am probably wrong, and I know all lives matter, but I think world peace is something that needs a more focused laser like attention. What is the consequences to humanity if some people experience a lower standard of living compared to what is accustomed to in the west? Compare that to what the consequences would be if there is ever a World War 3, which as Einstein said would relegate us all to the level where a World War 4 would be fought with sticks and stones.
If I had money like that, I would buy a property in Australia in a rural area. I would allow people to apply to just live there for several months, whatever a visa would allow. I would provide their accomodation and daily food, so they could just focus their day to just working with other like minded individuals to just brainstorm, debate, and create peace initiatives. Media and film is one area that will make a difference to humanity. Just as there are missionaries of Charity, these people would be unpaid missionaries for peace, spending their days meditating and discussing and working for peace. At the end of the day, it is not something that you can pay a person to work on, their motivation must come from deep within and be non financial and not attached to any reward. The whole concept of philanthropy needs to switch from just being associated with feeding poor people to being more heavily associated with any effort designed to improve the world without any financial benefit in return. If I ever one day have the means to do something like that, that is what I would do.

Command and Control documentary

I watched this documentary today, and all I can say is that it is definitely Chilling. I am so glad we do not have nuclear weapons in Australia. These nuclear weapons are capable of catastrophic destruction, and the sequence of events which unfolds in this real life documentary are disturbing to say the least. A nuclear weapon is a machine, and all machines fail at some point, it is only a matter of when. The fact that we have averted a major catastrophe so far is just sheer luck. The most disturbing part of the documentary is when they talk about the first atomic bomb ever detonated. They said they just did not know what would happen, they said there was a risk that the atmosphere could have caught on fire and in some sort of chain reaction destroyed all life on earth, and yet knowing this was a possibility, they went ahead and detonated it anyway.
Something has to change, this madness can simply no longer continue.
I have added the trailer below, I watched the documentary on Netflix, but it is also available on youtube, if you do a search, I highly recommend that you watch it.

Donald Trump and World War 3

I sense these are very dangerous times, I wish all parties could just agree to take a one month breather where all parties would say no further aggression or missile tests until some diplomatic negotiations can take place.

Donald Trump is not a diplomat, he is ego driven, he has no tact or diplomacy and has proven that so far.

  1. Missile strikes in Syria, where the Russians have had a strong presence.
  2. Dropping a MOAB Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan
  3. Now look at some of his tweets on North Korea

 I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea. If they are unable to do so, the U.S., with its allies, will! U.S.A.

Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Frankly, we have no choice!

Seriously, how can he have access to his own twitter account to post seriously inflammatory material like that which could potentially set the entire world at war. He needs to have a press team or advisors which censor the material he is putting out. Then again, his ego is so big, I think he has probably surrounded himself with yes men and women who would be too scared to go against anything he says.

My problem is this. After seeing all the horrors of World War 2, the United Nations was formed in the hope of preventing any atrocities like that ever happening again. World War 3 will mean game over for a large percentage of the human population. Now America does not control the world, like Donald Trump would like to think. As far as I am concerned, if he has committed the country to those actions without the approval of the United Nations, then on the global scale, as a world citizen, I would consider those war crimes.

I am not saying nothing should be done about North Korea, but I am saying that all of the countries must get together and decide what action should or should not be taken collectively. We MUST learn from the mistakes of the past, that is why the United Nations was formed.  I am not saying President Trump is a bad person, if countries harbour terrorists I agree with him not allowing those people visiting America, I agree with tougher border control to protect the American citizens, but he is letting his personal ego put the entire world at danger and that has to stop. It is ridiculous to hear him say oh well I let my military advisors do what they think is best and use the MOAB. People did not vote for his military advisors, they voted for him, he is meant to listen to their opinions and make the decision for himself, not let them run amok.

After looking at what George Bush Jnr did with the second Iraq war, then the period of relative peace with Barack Obama, and now seeing Donald Trump take this reckless military action and speak so carelessly, as an outsider, I am starting to view the republican party as a corporate party who amongst other things are warmongers.

This matter is now urgent in my opinion, I strongly advise anybody reading this to please take the time to write to the president and ask him to not take any military offensive action that is not sanctioned by the United Nations.  Details on how to contact the white house can be found here

Please also take a few seconds to join our World Peace Group, membership is free, and together we can make a difference.