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Japanese Nuclear Reactors

It is always sad to see a country not learn from the mistakes of the past. Japan sits firmly within the Pacific Ring of Fire which is highly susceptible to earthquakes and resulting Tsunami’s. Nuclear Reactors by their nature require … Continue reading

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Alone in the Galaxy?

I am a fan of Professor Brian Cox, and his series “Wonders of the Solar System” and “Wonders of the Universe” I almost bought tickets to see his show in Australia. However after reading an article on the sydney morning … Continue reading

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Obama on Climate Change

I have liked President Obama right from the start. I think he is essentially a good person trying to do good positive things, unfortunately I cannot say the same for some of the american presidents of past who have just … Continue reading

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Cosmos 2014

Over 33 years after the original Cosmos TV series was released, National Geographic are remaking this brilliant TV series and have modernised it with the latest information that we know. While the old series is clearly dated, it is brilliant … Continue reading

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Higgs Boson

The recent discovery on a particle which is believed to be the Higgs Boson, is quite fascinating. I am not entirely sure that it has been confirmed that it is the particle that they were looking for, but the Higgs … Continue reading

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Global Warming – Real or Not?

Well there seems to be general consensus among scientists that there is global warming. Yet there is still debate within the general community over whether global warming is happening or not, and even among those who will concede that the … Continue reading

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Amazon Dams

Saw an interesting piece on Sixty Minutes Australia on the plight of the native people of the Amazon forest. They have lived their lifestyle relatively untouched by modern society for thousands of years, and now, like in a scene from … Continue reading

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