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I received an email from Maurice who suggested I add a Facebook Like Button to the page.
When I added the Like Button, looks as though this site already had 117 Likes. Can we possibly get that number to 1,000?
Only time will tell. Thank you Maurice for sending me the email. Yes, sometimes I may take a little time to respond, but I do read all emails.

An update

Well this site was down for a few days and I did not receive any notification from the web host, but all seems to be up and running now.
I was blown away by the number of comments on the blog when I logged in, it is always great to read peoples comments and expressing their views. It makes me very happy to see there are other people interested in World Peace.
There are two things that I would like to get up and running on this site soon.
The first is to define the mission of the site. Let me just say, it will not have any involvement with either religion or politics. It will not focus on all the negative aspects happening in the world, the war and the violence, there is enough of that on the nightly news. The site mission will focus on positive things like peace, love, nature and unity.
The second thing is to formulate a way to involve others and work together for world peace. But in order to go down this path, I think it is important to first formulate what this site stands for and its mission. If you would like to find out details on how you can participate in the future, please sign up for our newsletter. I am so thankful for the emails I have received with offers to help and participate.

Below is a video composed by Tom Van Dorn who emailed me. It is titled “If you Believe”

Happy New Year 2012

I would like to wish everyone a Happy 2012, may it be filled with peace. I think it has already begun with a good start, with the war in Iraq coming to an end, and also a commitment that the war in Afghanistan would come to a close.

On a personal note, I am more committed to World Peace than ever, what spare time I have, I am using to write a book on the subject which has been a goal of mine for many years.  Hopefully 2012 will be the year that sees me completing it. I should mention, that like this website, it is purely non profit.

I also look forward to receiving more emails, I try and respond to most of them.

Friend sites of

If you have a site which in some way is related to World Peace and would like to be features on our links page at please place a link to on your website and then use the contact form at and provide the following information

1. The URL where you have linked to the website

2. Your site name

3. Your site URL

4. A brief description of your site in no more than 140 characters.

5. The country that you currently live in. (I plan on grouping the links by country)

Please note that I will only link to sites which are related somehow to World Peace, and or one of the following areas which the site focuses on, that is Peace, Love, Nature and Unity. Also a number of people contact me wanting their site featured here in the form of a blog post, I will be giving preference to those who have taken the time to link back to going in to the future.