Donald Trump and World War 3

I sense these are very dangerous times, I wish all parties could just agree to take a one month breather where all parties would say no further aggression or missile tests until some diplomatic negotiations can take place.

Donald Trump is not a diplomat, he is ego driven, he has no tact or diplomacy and has proven that so far.

  1. Missile strikes in Syria, where the Russians have had a strong presence.
  2. Dropping a MOAB Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan
  3. Now look at some of his tweets on North Korea

 I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea. If they are unable to do so, the U.S., with its allies, will! U.S.A.

Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Frankly, we have no choice!

Seriously, how can he have access to his own twitter account to post seriously inflammatory material like that which could potentially set the entire world at war. He needs to have a press team or advisors which censor the material he is putting out. Then again, his ego is so big, I think he has probably surrounded himself with yes men and women who would be too scared to go against anything he says.

My problem is this. After seeing all the horrors of World War 2, the United Nations was formed in the hope of preventing any atrocities like that ever happening again. World War 3 will mean game over for a large percentage of the human population. Now America does not control the world, like Donald Trump would like to think. As far as I am concerned, if he has committed the country to those actions without the approval of the United Nations, then on the global scale, as a world citizen, I would consider those war crimes.

I am not saying nothing should be done about North Korea, but I am saying that all of the countries must get together and decide what action should or should not be taken collectively. We MUST learn from the mistakes of the past, that is why the United Nations was formed.  I am not saying President Trump is a bad person, if countries harbour terrorists I agree with him not allowing those people visiting America, I agree with tougher border control to protect the American citizens, but he is letting his personal ego put the entire world at danger and that has to stop. It is ridiculous to hear him say oh well I let my military advisors do what they think is best and use the MOAB. People did not vote for his military advisors, they voted for him, he is meant to listen to their opinions and make the decision for himself, not let them run amok.

After looking at what George Bush Jnr did with the second Iraq war, then the period of relative peace with Barack Obama, and now seeing Donald Trump take this reckless military action and speak so carelessly, as an outsider, I am starting to view the republican party as a corporate party who amongst other things are warmongers.

This matter is now urgent in my opinion, I strongly advise anybody reading this to please take the time to write to the president and ask him to not take any military offensive action that is not sanctioned by the United Nations.  Details on how to contact the white house can be found here

Please also take a few seconds to join our World Peace Group, membership is free, and together we can make a difference.

Hong Kong Protests for Democracy

I was watching the protests in Hong Kong for a proper democratic election, and I thought it was wonderful to see just how many people were involved.
This video on Facebook shows a drone aerial view of the protest, so you can get an idea of the scale of the protests.
Another video worth watching is an interview with prominent protester Tanya Chan, who shaved her head in support of the pro democracy movement, and has been a long term advocate for democracy. Any protest against the Chinese government is not without risk, I find her devotion to the cause inspiring. One could argue that there is no way the Chinese government will ever back down, because of fears, that other regions would follow suit and seek democratic elections. Though history is filled with people who have brought about positive change in the face of incredible odds against them. I strongly support civil disobedience and peaceful non violent protest.
I think democracy is essential to World Peace. However, I think a proper democracy requires three things.
1. The public voicing their opinion and ensuring that their elected officials carry out the will of the majority of people within their electorate. Far too often, political leaders, let power go to their head and think they are in charge, when in effect they are nothing more than public servants elected to carry out the will of the majority of people. I am absolutely certain that the majority of people in any country do not want to go to war.
2. When a particular political party is elected, those supporting the opposition need to be graceful in the defeat of the political party they support. Far too often, in certain countries, you see fighting between supporters of different political parties continue after an election is over. And in the case of Thailand, as we all know, the military have intervened under the guise of restoring peace and order.
3. The absolute transparency of political donations and the complete removal of politicians who have a vested interest or stand to gain from political decisions being made. I think the worst instances of this happening have been in America, where in the past, people who have have been in a position to send the country to war, have also stood to profit immensely as a consequence of those actions. I find it obscene that such things have been allowed to happen. An excellent drama tv series which I highly recommend is “House of Cards”. Whilst it is a fictitious TV series, I do think it gives an insight of how things are being played out, which the public never sees. I do feel optimistic and think things have dramatically improved in the last few years. That is no more evident than to see President Obama come out and speak in favour of taking positive actions against Climate Change, which must be in direct contradiction to what the fossil fuel industry must be advocating.