WorldPeace.com is a site primarily aimed at doing our little bit towards achieving the dream of World Peace. Our core belief is that if enough people achieve a sense of Inner Peace in their life, and if those people unite together for a common cause, then the natural result will be World Peace. And the World Peace being referred to, is not merely an absence of war, but a true and lasting peace. This concept can best be illustrated by the following formula

Inner Peace + Unity = World Peace

Never before in the history of mankind has the cause of World Peace been more important, as modern nuclear technology means that a World War 3 would result in a catastrophe.

Never before, has the dream of World Peace become so possible to achieve, with the power of the internet providing an unparalleled way for us to unite for peace.

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** Some important things to note about this site, are as follows. People from all religious beliefs are welcome, however this site does not cover religion at all. Also, while this site will often critique political decisions and people in power, this site has no political preferences or allegiances to any political party. **