Skype Translator, a step closer to world peace…

The internet has united us in a way that has never been possible before. While it has made us more united, there has still been a divide between people from many different countries, due to the language barrier. The current translation tools have been mediocre at best. However speech recognition on mobile devices like OK Google and Apple Siri is fantastic. For the most part it is usually very accurate.
Although I have not used Skype Translator, if the video lives up to the hype, we could very well be a step closer to a more united and peaceful world.

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Four elements of World Peace

Whilst this site may often mention some bad events happening in certain parts of the world, it serves no purpose to simply bury ones head in the sand. There will also be a strong positive focus, highlighting the good things are happening.

I firmly believe that there are four critical elements to achieve World Peace, which I will elaborate on further in upcoming blog posts.

They are Peace, Nature, Love and Unity. I believe each is critical in achieving World Peace, and have created that as the four main categories of this blog.