Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

I just finished watching this documentary which relates to diet and health and thought it was great, it is available to watch for free on youtube. It is produced by an Australian named Joe Cross. What I really liked about the video was how the entire video did not focus on him.  He helped one person change their life, who then went on to help a lot of other people. This video illustrates the concept of paying it forward brilliantly and at the same time has a lot of great information on diet that I think anyone can benefit from viewing.

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3 Responses to Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

  1. Lovett says:

    Why is this video not available in US?

  2. ian says:

    Sorry, I was not aware that the video could not be viewed in the US.
    This page links to where you can view the movie in various countries.
    In the US. the youtube link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x0Ppzw7nWU&feature=c4-overview-u
    I am not in the USA so I cant verify if that link works or not.

  3. Jerry Townsend says:

    You Tube link is for those who wish to subscribe and pay to watch.

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