Killing of Dolphins in Japan

It always saddens me to see this senseless killing of dolphins.

As much as I disagree with the capturing of dolphins for sale to aquariums and places like Sea World, I can at least understand that they are making money from doing that.

The killing of these animals, bottle nose dolphins have brains larger than humans, is a disgusting act. Dolphin meat contains very high levels of mercury and is toxic to eat, in many cases, it is being sold and passed off as whale meat to an unsuspecting public.

I think in the same way that Japan continues to slaughter whales, there is a certain arrogance, that they will not let the rest of the world dictate to them what is morally right. I think change will only occur when the people of Japan pressure their government to change.

If you have not seen the documentary, The Cove, I highly recommend it. There have been many reported instances of Dolphins saving humans from shark attacks.

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  1. Dr. T.


    I am an engineer who needs to consider this kind of events in the view of everything that happens.

    It is always a disgrace to see people destroying the nature beyond its recoverybility.
    I hate the things at the cove but still I have to think. Those animals are slaughtered for food as hundreds of thousands of other animals every day. Considering that the particular species of the dolphins are not considered endangered, the gruesome events at the bay does not much differ from the ordinary butcherhouse, where your daily meat leaves to be an animal. Killing animals for food has been the base of the survival of the people forever.

    The message the Japanese government sent out was a disgrace, they enjusted this activity just because of a tradition. Traditions might to be good for multiple things, but this time the tradition has become just a trojan horse to justify actions of couple of dozen fishermen who could easily be educated for more sustainable jobs.


  2. ian Post author

    I know the argument is often used in relation to whales is that they are the cows of the sea and I suspect they use similar reasoning with dolphins. Dolphins brain size as a percentage of their weight is fairly close to humans. I am personally against the slaughter of any animal for food.
    I think the situation with the Japanese whaling is probably more critical than the dolphins, given that a large number of whale species are endangered.

  3. Douglas Morrison

    I have not seen any of the documentaries, nor am I going too. I love dolphins. As a kid in Tarpon Springs, Florida I grew up with them, hanging over the bow occasionally getting a quick pet. If you saw them you knew you could jump in with no fear of sharks and certainly no fear of them. They seemed to recognize that no harm was meant to them.
    Of course they were a easy target if we were to be inclined to do that which we weren’t. Anyone who would hunt and kill them I would hope would not have pets.
    Unless of course they were planning oneating their childs best companion.


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