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“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

An absence of war, based on force and military threat is not peace. As Albert Einstein said, peace “can only be achieved by understanding”
To me that understanding, I interpret it as understanding that while there are differences between people all around the world, we really are similar on so many levels. We all want a comfortable peaceful life. I also see it as an understanding, that we really are all in this together. We the human race are on this small blue planet together, and while there is no doubt that there is other life out there in the universe, as far as technology has advanced, we have yet to discover any other planets that have intelligent life. Why would it take a massive disaster or an alien invasion like you see in the movies, for us all to realise that these borders between countries mean nothing and that we are all inhabitants of planet earth. Why cant we understand that now……
It is rather bizarre that technology and science has evolved so much, but our understanding and awareness has not. We are still behaving as though the earth is flat and if we go to the end of the earth we will just fall off the edge.

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  1. Sydni R.

    I am very young and for even I can see that this world has to much hatred.
    Many people think peace is not to come but, I hope one day I can prove them wrong.
    I do agree that understanding may just hold the key to peace. I would like to suggest that we try forgiveness also. Maybe and just maybe things will change.
    I have one goal… That is that I am able to bring peace upon everyone, then I will have finished my goal. It’s true that everyone wants peace, but they are blinded by hatred.

    Sydni R.

    • Me

      I completely agree, Sydni R. There is way too much hatred going on in the world and we all need to learn to understand the meaning of “human rights” (meaning no wars allowed because soldiers have families, too and we’re all one human race) and forgive one another when someone messes up. Also, I’m trying for world peace, too, so you’re not alone. I hope that even though I don’t know you and you don’t know me we are able to both bring peace to the world in our own ways. I’m glad I’m not alone in this quest, too!

  2. Ron

    If, as Einstien said, “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” Then what exactly must we understand in order to have peace? What is your thought, what is your feeling, what is your picture? Just at least give me one… or more if you wish to share.

    • ian Post author

      ROn, I think we need to understand the truth, reality. Defending yourself when attacked is ok, but starting wars is just insane, so I would say an understanding of the futility of war, an understanding, that while we are different in many ways, we are all very much the same in many regards, and there is much that ties us together.
      What is my picture of peace. Well, while I think peaceful protest is important, I prefer not to focus on the negative aspects of war, but rather the many benefits of achieving inner peace in our lives and also the power of uniting together. I hope to elaborate further in a book I am currently writing.

      • Jan

        Understanding the messages from the book trilogy

        “Conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsch

        has made a great difference in how I look at life, other people and our world.

    • Vidooba Senarathne


      Dear friend,
      People have different opinion on peace or about how to achieve peace. That depends on their understanding of matters according to their intelligence. So, we cannot find fault with their point of view as they do their best according to their knowledge.

      Now, since you are a young guy who loves to live in a peaceful world but realises that there is a lot of hatred among us, I am pleased to write this message to you as you have understood one factor that makes the world chaotic.

      Well, there are two factors that make the world chaotic and the other factor is ‘Destructive idiotic Politics’

      If we want to solve a problem, we must first understand what causes the problem and then and only then we should try to solve the particular problem. Unfortunately, with the problem of lack of peace in the world, there are too many idiots trying to solve the problem without understanding what causes the problem and they only make the problem worst. That is the unfortunate situation in the world.

      I was a young boy like you who wondered why there is so much hatred among us and why there is no peace in the world and why there are beggars in the world who beg from us to let them live just another day. Such realities break my heart to this day.

      But, I was not simply worrying about the problems; I pushed my mind to find the solutions to the problems and I did find them because I understood the problem very well.

      Now, I am pleased to give my not mere solution, but the magical solution to the world to convert this chaotic and atrocious unfair world into a fabulously peaceful and fair New World instantaneously with the adoption of my solution – ‘The new Political System of Autonomy’ which does away with the need of politicians who are the culprits who are responsible for breaking peace all over the world in every respect.

      The people own the world and not the politicians. Therefore, it is ridiculous to give power to a bunch of people who are organised to make politics their livelihood where life has emerged by being based on ‘DESIRE’, that is greed in simple English and now I am sure, you can understand why people chase after different goals according to their desires.

      Well, when desire is a fundamental aspect of life, you can simply understand the role individual desires play in disrupting the world peace.

      Now my dear friend, I am getting tired of writing to you in this manner as it is past midnight in Brisbane. Therefore, I kindly request you to visit my website (I Promise you a Rose Garden) to understand more. You may even download a copy of my book, – the ‘Hand book of your New World’ to live happily ever after in a peaceful and fair fabulous world that I would dub ‘a Rose garden’.

      You will have the best understanding of peace and how to achive peace when you read my book. Therefore, if you love peace, please promote my solution to achive peace.

      We will meat in the New World.

      Kind regards,

  3. Erik

    If i wanted to learn theoretical physics i would consult Einstein. If i wanted to learn war and peace i would consult Mao Tse Tung, Mustafa Kemal, Eisenhower, Ghandi, Stalin or Nicollo Machiavelli.

    • INGRID

      Hey! Einstein worked on world peace and knew more about world peace than ANY of the people you just mentioned. Read a b

  4. Alain

    what one needs to understand is the concept of “human rights”. Few people, and almost none in government, understand what, in actuality, is meant by a “human right”.

    Often times those who want “peace” support injustice (force) in order to get it. In that I agree with Einstein. Without understanding human rights, one can not build a proper (meaning in accordance with human rights) definition of “INjustice”.

    in short it goes like this. A human right is a right to ACTION in the service of life or pursuit of happiness which does not cause harm upon another. THAT’S IT!

    in simpler terms a “human right” is how you go about dealing with your friends or romantic affairs. It is all voluntary! if tomorrow your friend doesn’t want to talk to you anymore or you wish to break up with your girl friend. Nothing can be done! its a voluntary relationship. No one has a right to clothes, to a car, to a house, to a job, to a woman/man to a friend. It is ALL voluntary!!! You have a right to take an action that does not hurt anyone and to the proceeds of said action (property)! AND in turn, to trade with others (for what is rightfully theirs).

    Since no one understands the implications of this, the world is filled with wonderful people who truly want and desire happiness, yet support force and violence! They do not understand the difference between calamity and injustice!

    if you want to read more this subject “The Law” by Bastiat is the way to go. a word of caution, odds are you have been indoctrinated by the world and will likely disagree with everything he says. Even so, it is only about 80 pages long, try to stick with it.

  5. Me

    I agree with your definition of human rights! Peace through power/force does not work. For example, some of the U.S.A’s government officials think that if the country has the strongest military and tells all the other countries to get along, then automatically the other countries will say “Okay, we will tolerate each other because we’re afraid of your military.”. That’s not the case! There are still wars that go on today and the fighting countries don’t care that the U.S has the best military. They figure that it’s not the U.S’s problem, therefore nobody should interfere with their war issues.

  6. Sukumar manaswi

    We can not search to peace . Because peace is soul of nature . If we add to nature then we can get peace .


    I believe that peace can only be achieved when humanity has reached a level of mutual understanding and tolerance, but it is undeniably a near impossible task.
    In order to achieve not just external peace as in absence of violence, but also inner peace with the absence of hatred, we must achieve global understanding. That way, the people of the world will not be in constant conflict.
    The cause of conflict in this day and age, it is mostly because of selfish power-hungry and the need to emerge as a superior power in the world. However, if everyone is united by a single banner, there would be no conflict. The people have no reason for racism, civil wars or even political tension.
    Therefore, my humble conclusion is that the world should be united through common understanding of the importance of peace, only then can peace be kept.

  8. Dr. Leslie Harrah

    “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  9. PB

    Humans are greedy and they chase their greed without thought of the consequences.
    Weapons should be banned.
    Space and science are far more important than an individuals greed or a corporations greed or a governments greed.
    All consequences have a debt to be paid!

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  11. Samir

    Emotions, thoughts and impulsive actions along with memories seen and unremembered, can play a role in our decisions. Then there’s our unique interpretations and ways of going about things. Some people are very powerful and others are so fragile. It’s all too complex. Yet it could be so beautifully created to last.
    Kindest Regard, Sam.


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