Donald Trump and World War 3

I sense these are very dangerous times, I wish all parties could just agree to take a one month breather where all parties would say no further aggression or missile tests until some diplomatic negotiations can take place.

Donald Trump is not a diplomat, he is ego driven, he has no tact or diplomacy and has proven that so far.

  1. Missile strikes in Syria, where the Russians have had a strong presence.
  2. Dropping a MOAB Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan
  3. Now look at some of his tweets on North Korea

 I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea. If they are unable to do so, the U.S., with its allies, will! U.S.A.

Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Frankly, we have no choice!

Seriously, how can he have access to his own twitter account to post seriously inflammatory material like that which could potentially set the entire world at war. He needs to have a press team or advisors which censor the material he is putting out. Then again, his ego is so big, I think he has probably surrounded himself with yes men and women who would be too scared to go against anything he says.

My problem is this. After seeing all the horrors of World War 2, the United Nations was formed in the hope of preventing any atrocities like that ever happening again. World War 3 will mean game over for a large percentage of the human population. Now America does not control the world, like Donald Trump would like to think. As far as I am concerned, if he has committed the country to those actions without the approval of the United Nations, then on the global scale, as a world citizen, I would consider those war crimes.

I am not saying nothing should be done about North Korea, but I am saying that all of the countries must get together and decide what action should or should not be taken collectively. We MUST learn from the mistakes of the past, that is why the United Nations was formed.  I am not saying President Trump is a bad person, if countries harbour terrorists I agree with him not allowing those people visiting America, I agree with tougher border control to protect the American citizens, but he is letting his personal ego put the entire world at danger and that has to stop. It is ridiculous to hear him say oh well I let my military advisors do what they think is best and use the MOAB. People did not vote for his military advisors, they voted for him, he is meant to listen to their opinions and make the decision for himself, not let them run amok.

After looking at what George Bush Jnr did with the second Iraq war, then the period of relative peace with Barack Obama, and now seeing Donald Trump take this reckless military action and speak so carelessly, as an outsider, I am starting to view the republican party as a corporate party who amongst other things are warmongers.

This matter is now urgent in my opinion, I strongly advise anybody reading this to please take the time to write to the president and ask him to not take any military offensive action that is not sanctioned by the United Nations.  Details on how to contact the white house can be found here

Please also take a few seconds to join our World Peace Group, membership is free, and together we can make a difference.

5 Replies to “Donald Trump and World War 3”

  1. Tony

    You can fully believe in peace, and even so the government can force you to go to war. It is not enough to teach peace, we must enable people to act peace. I have a simple solution to this, which will enable people to choose peace. All I need is a little help promoting it. Contact me if you are interested.

  2. Sean

    Great work on advancing the Peace Movement. However, please be careful to guard against political bias. To claim a “period of relative peace with Barack Obama” when his administration allowed for the detonation of over 26,000 bombs in his last year of office alone totally discredits the position of this website. The facts are that regardless of politician affiliation, almost every politician in DC is in favor of more bombing and more warfare. So please keep this balanced view going forward: politicians (Trump, Obama, Bush, etc.) are always for war, and it therefore up the everyday people like yourself that must move forward the position of peace.


    • ian Post author

      I accept your point, there are corporate interests at play behind the scenes where war interests would win over reason. I don’t think it is political bias to say that Bernie sanders offered a real chance at peace, where as Donald trump is just dragging us into war. Why, because of his ego, his ego is too big and strong, so when somebody makes some statement, he sees it as a personal attack against which he feels a need to retaliate. This was not the case with Obama, he was diplomatic. Bernie sanders credentials on peace stood for themselves, a shame he did not get elected as president. I consider bias as the way somebody supports a football or sports team, people identify them as a supporter of a particular sports team the same way they identify themselves as a republican or democrat. I don’t identify myself as either, I just commented on the merits of each leader.

    • Pat

      Some politicians are more war-like than others. Theory has it that the root of the problem (failing to accomplish peace) is the political system of the country “in charge”. Most American politicians are receiving huge campaign funds from rich and powerful individuals and corporations, so once they are in office, they are too easily influenced by the funders rather than by wisdom or knowledge. The world is very complex, with no easy answers. Many countries limit campaign funding which in turn limits the inappropriate influences. But Americans believe in their country like a religion, and don’t want to change it. They have trouble recognizing how criminal some of its activities have been (like the activities of most empires in history). It could all be changed — if enough dedicated people like yourselves were prepared to do some serious learning and exploring. For a start, try reading “The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins. And be careful because some of the documentaries about this are very manipulative, implying things that aren’t true, which they know is easy because most viewers don’t want to do their homework. Good luck, and keep analyzing. At the end of the day, I am more afraid of peoples’ crazy belief systems (American, Middle Eastern, Korean, it doesn’t matter) than individual political leaders. There are some “checks and balances” against dangerous leaders like Trump.

  3. Timo Ylä-Soininmäki

    Hi, I have been thinking about the world’s major problems and peace for years as you have. Now I finally come up with a new idea that just may work to create world peace.

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    If someone in your organization is kind enough to look it through, I would appreciate it greatly. It is only five pages long, so it does not take hardly any time to read through.

    You can be brutally honest and straight with me, constructive criticism is always welcomed.

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