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  1. Kevin Panik

    52 year old Engineer finally found my life focus and “role of significance”. Project Managing towards the goal of World Peace. I got this focus about 4-months ago due to lots of stuff…but all good. Soooo I figure “hey…type worldpeace.com” into Google and see what comes up. This does. Nice! Hat’s off to whomever pays for the site. Would be nice to have full disclosure on the administration of the site but no worries. Don’t want to be long winded so I’ll go for now. I have some thoughts about how we must ACTIVELY Project Manage to the “end game” but right now I am a one-man-show. NASA uses Systems Engineering Principles (they have a free download of the Handbook). I believe World Peace can be achieved using Project Management/Systems Engineering tools. All you have to do is consider World Peace a Complex Project. Easy Peazy :)!!! We have succeeded in building complex systems before with these tools. Space Station, Launch Vehicles & Infrastructure, Complex Space Based Telescopes…etc. The only problem is that Team members on this team must be able to work on a Project/System that they will be dead before the end-game and goal is met. Many people don’t want to work on something they will never see completed…and I can understand that. But in the last few months I have become OK with doing just that. Thanks and have a super day! Kevin Panik

  2. ian Post author

    Hi Kevin
    I am a big fan of NASA. While world peace is my primary focus, I have a strong interest in space and the universe, and I think the study of exoplanets and space exploration, as well as environmental protection are all equally important and interrelated areas.
    In an era, where people want to see instant results, I see world peace as possible and will definitely happen, but I think it will take several generations before it is truly achieved, and before war is completely eradicated, the same way as other acts of human madness like human slavery were eliminated.
    I am content with just planting the seeds of peace in the hope that it will one day flourish.


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