Site Updates 2018

Just made a few minor changes.
1. Secure redirect. All pages should be redirected to the secure https:// pages. Not having this done had somewhat adversely impacted search engine rankings.
2. Mobile friendly theme. These days I consume most of my web content using my mobile phone. The old theme was completely unreadable from a mobile device so I have updated it to one which is mobile friendly.
3. Contact form. The old contact form was not working. It used a company which is no longer in business, that has been updated. If anybody visits this website please say hi, you can use that form.
4. Minor graphic customisation. This is something I have not yet done but over the next couple of weeks I plan to tweak some of the graphics and colours from the standard theme.

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  1. satyanarayana ujjaneni

    even though I have been sending so many messages to prevail world peace and security of human ben in universe and to stop violence in all levels and to implement to removal of hungry and poverty in universe through setup a new funding scheme with collaboration all forward nations in universe, but no body has been showing accurate interest in this way, but they are going to show their supersedness over other countries and forgetting humanity is good concept for survival of human being in universe, so all gentlemens shall endeavour to take up new programme to removal of hungry and poverty to save humanity and it will right path to construct world peace, so all nations which are having strong wealth shall start new programme to constitute seperate fund to remove hungry and poverty in entire universe


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