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I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year for 2015. I think the new year is a good time to lay down a bit of a road map for the future of this website.
The approach is a little different from some other methods, but then maybe difference is a good thing. Considering the world is still experiencing wars in different regions, perhaps past methods have not worked too well. Looking at all the horrible atrocities that are happening in this world, I just think to some extent focusing on this negativity can be soul destroying. I want to focus on the more positive aspects of life.
Earlier this year, I tried to put together a bit of a mission statement for this site.
Anyone who has achieved a sense of inner peace in their life knows how great it is. From such a state, it is impossible to contemplate causing harm to another person.
Just as people with bad intents and selfish greedy motives have united to cause havoc in this world, I strongly believe that if the good peaceful people of this world united, world peace is the resulting product of that unity.
So, I would like the main focus of this website to be

“To help people find more peace in their life, and also provide a platform by which they can unite in friendship.”

Below is a an image which I think explains this statement

I have a few ideas on how to make that happen and plan to provide more details about that in the book that I am writing which I hope to finish by the end of 2015. I would like to invite other people who are passionate about peace to take a more active leadership role, but I think it is important to lay down some of the principles of the site, so that people can make a more informed decision about whether this is something they would like to participate in.

Going into 2016, if there are enough members on this site to justify it, I would like to work on an app to assist people with meditation and also help them network and make friends with other peace loving people around the world. I should point out that I am not religious, and when I say meditation, I am talking about a range of different neutral non religious guided meditations which people can use. I think it would be great to see what other peaceful people out there in the world are meditating with us, and also be able to make friends with them and interact with them. An added bonus would be if such a platform could also be used to to one day facilitate real world meet ups.
I realise that peaceful protests and lobbying government members is important, but there currently not many members of the site, and I would like to focus on those areas which I feel will have the most beneficial impact at this point in time.

The last post touched on the topic of whether world peace is possible, or simply out of reach. It is a common statement, I have received a number of emails over the years telling me that world peace will never happen. Not only do I believe that world peace is possible, I believe that it is inevitable. Keep in mind, that human slavery in America, the buying and selling of human beings was legal until about 1865 or thereabouts. During the period of slavery, if you had suggested that a person like Barack Obama could be the President of the United States, they would have probably told you that you were crazy and that it would never happen, but indeed it has happened. And the abhorrent act of buying and selling human slaves has ended. War is yet another insane abhorrent act, and its days will no doubt come to an end. Instead of being a naysayer, why not be one of the visionaries who believe that peace is possible and tries to tries to help steer the world a little closer to peace.

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  1. Nancy

    I believe you are right… we must start with our own inner peace. Only then can peace be spread wider. Be peaceful inside and don’t judge others. Accept others as they are.

  2. KaRi from Long Beach. CA

    Somewhere in these boxes of paperwork I have printed many discussions from the original World Peace website owned by Randy from the US – northeast. We actually rebuilt the WTC with our words. When I find them, I’ll share them – providing their is still ink on the paper! Good Luck with WorldPeace dot com!

  3. estar.lee

    I come from China, I am a cosmopolitan, expectations for world peace, but we want more, to achieve world peace unless the world unity. I do not know what you think of world unity. I do not understand English, the article I was using machine translation, we hope to communicate with you.
    Contact me: [email protected]

    In the globalization of information, the scope of activities of human globalization, world unity the term gradually revealed. The so-called unification of the world is to assume that the world is only one country, only one government, the State of the term will be history. The world will change dramatically.

    Why in the world should be unified
       According to incomplete statistics, in 5560 years of recorded human history, there were over 14,531 times the size of the war, an average of 2.6 times per year. From 1740 to 1974, 234 years, there were over 366 times, an average of 1.6 times per year. In the 37 years after World War II, including the now still doing, there is 87 times, an average of 2.3 times per year.
       According to Swedish, Indian scholars statistics, from 3200 BC to AD 1964 this 5164 years war 14513 times world total, only 329 were peaceful. The war caused serious human disaster that 3.64 billion people were killed. Loss of wealth can be converted into gold lay a 150 km wide, 10 meters thick around the globe gold band.
       According to Soviet scholars statistics, from 1496 BC to AD 1861 this 3357 years, humans have 3130 years at war, only 227 were peaceful.
       According to Hungary, a professor of statistics, 37 years after World War II, more than 470 since the outbreak of local wars in the world. Worldwide, only 26 days without any day of the war.
       The Associated Press report said that since the end of World War II broke out about 300 local wars, about 1,000 people died in the war.
       War, so many children became orphans; war, so how many mothers lost their children; war, so much the wife lost her husband; war, so many families apart. Although the war is essential history of human civilization and progress, but with the progress of human civilization, war should not completely disappear? Because human desires, because those in power is necessary powers to deprive someone else’s life, it’s worth it? The main members of the rock band BEYOND Hong Kong Chanticleer’s Kui went to a post in Africa feel the war brought disaster to the children made the song “amani”. In which the lyrics: power struggle and strife, ignorance and prejudice have. The reaction of the authorities to wage war how selfish and greedy.

    A combination of factors:
       Although the war is an important reason the world needs a unified, but in other areas such as the Earth’s resources, human exploitation of the earth for endless consumption, although some resources can be regenerated, but non-renewable resources? The world is not a convention to restrict the exploitation of resources, when the Earth’s resources depleted, mankind will instantly be playing back to the original community. Unless the exploitation of extraterrestrial resources, or a new energy of invention, but humans can wait until this day? There is damage to the ecological environment, extremist religious conflicts between the various regions of the gap between rich and poor, ethnic cultural exchange integration, discrimination between clans color, language is not unified educational system of inequality, people enjoy States The fundamental right to life, many factors and so on, because national borders and impede the progress of human civilization.

    Form a unified pattern of world
        The so-called unification of the world will be showing what kind of form, the world is not a unified country, the world is a whole, as a country. Only a government, a government agency to exercise, a government under the leadership of the army. Everything is like today as a country composed of structure. No country of the world the term, replaced by an area called a certain province, or certain states like. The world will have a common constitution. The world will be unified to one or two languages, just as China’s 56 ethnic groups and common Mandarin Chinese characters. No national boundaries worldwide division to another will no longer need to apply for a passport, traveling freely and so on.

    The pros and cons of world unity
         The world’s largest profit after the reunification that will minimize the possibility of war, civil war may put aside, put aside the battle between the other species, the Earth will be no war. Earth civilization of human civilization can be called on to develop into interstellar civilization. Cultural customs of each region of the world after the unification, ethnic race will be perfect together. World citizens will enjoy equal rights of citizens and so basic. The flaw of global unipolarity, once those in power abuse of power, will be a worldwide disaster, unless there is a very reasonable new political and social system.

    The impact on the history of world unity
         The so-called historical trend, long period of division, together for a long time to divide. This is mostly a national historical portrayal. World Unity will open a new era of mankind, it will be the first time in human history to achieve world unity. After the reunification of the world human civilization will enter interstellar civilization development, which is a big step forward planetary civilization.

    The difference in the world unity and universal brotherhood
         Confucius put forward the idea of ​​Datong. In the spring of war swirling age, people are yearning for a non-war, regardless of you and me a new era, when Confucius was born Datong idea: “Road trip also, Things, elect the wise and able, said the letter repair Mu. enemy not only its pro-pro, not only son of his son, the old has Eventually, some with strong, young director, boast, widowed, orphaned, alone, has been raised by key or disabled, male careers, women The normalized its goods evil abandoned on the ground also, do not hide to ourselves; it is not for evil force itself is also not necessary to seek closure for himself and not the actual occurrence hing, theft thief without making chaos, it does not close the outer door is. that common ground. “This is an idealized concept, everyone is yearning for an idea. But Confucius advanced concepts do not fit the times, the progress of human civilization can not develop to this stage Datong. The unification of the world is more rational, reality. One World is a kind of ideas emphasize social harmony, world unity is emphasized that the political landscape, a geographical concept form. For example, it says it is a harmonious society, and the other is talking about national unity.
         Achieve universal brotherhood premise must be progress of human civilization to a certain stage, and the world unity is a very important step is to make the progress of human civilization.

    World unity and cosmopolitan
         Simply put, it is to achieve world unity cosmopolitan people.
         Cosmopolitan, should abandon the concept of state, abandon the concept of race, ethnic abandon ideas and abandon the concept of color …… even then outstanding patriot, nationalist, appeared in front of the world are narrow. As a cosmopolitan view of the world should be starting from the point of view, he is not only human beings, should be all life in the world; he is not only the life; he is not only the substance, should be all the tangible and intangible idea of ​​this world …… with thinkers from this perspective, it is the real cosmopolitan, cosmopolitans are in order to all the world. Cosmopolitanism should be to run the world, the balance of the world, to achieve such a state is a real cosmopolitan!

    World Unity and the United Nations
         The United Nations can be seen as the prototype of a unified world, the United States is to establish a maintenance aspects of an organization in the world, in terms of a fundamental nature or belongs to a coalition. The unification of the world is now more than 200 countries and regions of the world combined on a political form of a country, only an administrative authority competent to exercise, which is a government, an army. United Nations organizations can be seen as the basic form of a world fusion.

    World unity and a World War II
         The first World War II, the powers who are ambitious to carve up the earth, which is the range of human activities, inseparable from understanding the scope, when humans realize that the Earth is round, when the vehicle can surround the human world, with the ambitions of those in power, they begin to annexation activities could range. So far the war on Earth will not be a war between regions, triggering World War. Why is the world’s first World War II did not form a unified pattern yet. Because the long history of human civilization and progress, the aggressor war will always fail, even if successful, is short-lived, ephemeral, fleeting. Because it does not meet the needs of the people, does not meet the needs of this world. For example, but after Qin unified the presence of 14 years, water can carry a boat, can also overturn it. And not only World War fascist aggression, also conducted ethnic massacres, genocide, this is not in line with the progress of human civilization. So failure is decisive. Only with the power of truth in order to be received by the world, was the people’s choice. Today’s era of human civilization has been gradually in line with the conditions of world unity, I believe the near future, the world will surely be unified.

    • Audrey Espinosa

      I gotta say that obviously you have no inner peace. Seeing our flaws and mistakes should bring delight to know it can be changed. When you look behind you the only thing that you see is attempted failures, looking forward we can learn grow and create beautiful things. Appreciate life. Passion is necessary without it we are lost. Hope keeps us going but Action is the first step to prove were more then just words.

  4. Frank van den Tillaart


    I have a goal too, just like you. And it is pretty much the same: to inspire people to bring peace to their lives. If we teach every single individual this skill, then world peace will be a result. We will live in harmony with the people around us.

    I believe I have a roadmap to get there. I believe we can use our imagination to get rid of the world problems. I wish to connect people, and I wish to connect them around I want this site to actually achieve what it’s name says: To achieve the result of world peace, everywhere.

    And as you described in your article, all of us need to be more action drive, more result driven. I would this like to finish this comment as such:

    What would you need from me to set up this arrangement, where we get to build a community around that actually achieves world peace?

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    • ian Post author

      I am in Sydney Australia and the global meditation is on feb 2nd at 2am in the morning Sydney time.
      If you are in Perth, the meditation time is feb 1st at 11pm in the evening for ten minutes. If you are in some other part of the world, please let me know and I will do the calculation.

  7. Abdifatx

    I think that you forget a major peice of information the lives of people in Syria and Somalia are not a valuable as lives in London ,paris and New york at least that is the perception .it is an old question that was if a tree falls in America who cares if a tree falls in Somalia who cars so that if all human being will be obtaining a same justice without particularlly human only gaining specific care like peace ,health,education, protection then the whole situation in this world will be get better peace and development as well

  8. linda

    today is 2016 and this year will end soon. but i can’t seem to see that world peace even possible. there are more war, more tension, more refugee. more blood, more tears, more babies cries. i’m saving my money so i could run to a peacefull country. world peace is like a fairy tale to me. it sounds wonderfull, but deep down i know its just a fiction. some human in this earth is trying to survive their life

    • ian Post author

      Where are you? And what country are you trying to go to?
      World Peace is not going to be a quick fix, it may not happen in our lifetime, but the seeds for world peace may be planted, and that is important.

  9. Sue Chehrenegar

    I see that there have been no comments since April of 2017. I hope that the year of 2019 will encourage more people to think about peace. The Peace Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919.


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