The Science of Interstellar by the Discovery Channel

For anyone who has seen the movie “Interstellar”, and enjoyed it, I highly recommending also watching the documentary “The Science of Interstellar by the Discovery Channel.
It is narrated by the main star of the movie Matthew McConaughey, and shows how the movie is based on actual science. They have a consultant astrophysicist Kip Thorne who assisted with the production of the movie.

But the real star of the documentary was Marsha Irvins, an astronaut who had flown into space a total of five times aboard the space shuttle. She appears towards the end of the documentary, and her quote touched me the most. She said

I looked up overhead and there was this black sky and this blue earth, all hit you at that point, I am not on the planet anymore.
And every astronaut who has flown has come back and said the same thing, as you circle the earth, you do not see natural borders and boundaries that separate countries, and all of the wars and the angst and the strife that tear this planet apart, seem so insignificant from that view.

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    • Charles

      It is the perspective that borders and underlying differences are manufactured by people and can be linked to greed and selfishness. To over-simplify the idea you realize when you see the world from above we are merely fighting over lines in the sand.

  1. ian Post author

    I believe that if more people educate themselves about the universe, the result is that you see how insignificant the things that people are fighting over really are, and just how ridiculous war is. I think the point being made above is, that when you view the planet from space, there are no natural borders or countries, they are all man made divisions.
    It is from the view of space that we see we are all on this planet together.

  2. vera lucia

    Whem we see the world from space we see no division in borders countries ! But there is a division made by man kind that results in atrocities genocide and human catastrophes and human suffering .together we must do better !!!


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