The Story of Stuff

Thanks to an email from Sophia, a visitor the site, I was recommended to take a look at this video on youtube called “The Story of Stuff”
It is about 21 minutes long and well worth taking a look. Kind of appropriate that they should use the example of an ipod at the start, Apple releases new products every single year, and quite often Apple die hard fans will find themselves upgrading to the latest product. I consider myself such a fan, I love Apple products as well, but I will be thinking about upgrading to the latest tech product, What I have now, does the job fine, so I will be keeping it. Same applies for other goods like cars, clothes, etc

I especially liked the end of the video where she says “Things are really going to start moving when we see the connections, when we see the big picture, when people along the system get united, we can reclaim and transform this linear system into something new……Some say it is unrealistic, idealistic, that it can’t happen, but I say the ones that are unrealistic are the ones that want to continue with the old path”
Their website can be found at

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  1. shiddalingesh

    Very Insightful video. Mother nature always created circular systems that are self sustained, example food chain, water cycle through rain etc. It’s human interference breaking this circular chain into linear systems and creating toxins all along.

  2. PB

    A blackhole brings matter to another space and that matter is then the birth of another universe – simples :))


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