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The following video link was sent to me via email from Yaniv. It details his viewpoint on how to achieve World Peace. I should point out, that I do not agree entirely with this viewpoint, I am not really in favour of a world government, I am more in favour of improvements to the United Nations. I personally would rather see people pressure their current leaders to commit to not engaging in war that is not sanctioned by a majority vote of the United Nations.  Had that happened, the war in Iraq that just ended, would have never started.

The video is definitely worth taking a look for those who have an interest in World Peace, it is well produced.

In response to my comments, Yaniv asked me to post the following

this video does not call for a world government in the simple meaning, it just suggest a world parliament created from the highest quality of people that will be a supervising only over international affairs, it won’t have the right to touch with any of nations internal laws, economy, etc, except if its in cases of protecting human rights from its own oppressed government or in some cases of global environment concern.

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  1. lilly

    the universal justice video is strange . the girls lips are moving faster than the voice , and there is to much violence in it to be on a world peace website.

  2. Carter Mobley

    I suggest the authors of the video repackage their central idea, the militarization of the UN as part of a plan for world peace, within a video or document that does not resort to special pleadings. There is no need to expose children to graphic images of war until they have reached the age of reason when they can handle the concepts and recognize the fallacy of an appeal to fear and discard it. Nevertheless, the central idea can be examined on its merits and I have posted a critique on my blog at theamology.blogspot.com

  3. Jodi

    This video scared me, it’s not promoting peace, just giving another group more power and control. We need to get rid of all weapons, that way there can be no war. I know this sounds illogical and naive, but also very basic and simple.


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