2 Replies to “World Peace by AE Ballakisten”

  1. AE Ballakisten

    Thank you for posting my video. I dedicated the video to Nelson Mandela to celebrate his birthday on 18 July. The poem explores the concept of identity politics and highlights the danger of defining ourselves so tightly that it creates divisions between “us” and “them” which often leads to conflict

  2. Lawrence

    Hi: Congratulations on your pro-peace effort here. There appear to be no links on your links page. The I Declare World Peace project offers a free link opportunity. No cost, no registration of any kind and no reciprocity required. We call it our Wall of Support and you can view it at: http://www.ideclareworldpeace.com/Wall_of_support.html
    If you would like us to put your link on our Wall of Support, just email us with the particular url and we will do the rest. No forms to fill out.
    Again good luck with your pro-peace efforts.


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