An update

Well this site was down for a few days and I did not receive any notification from the web host, but all seems to be up and running now.
I was blown away by the number of comments on the blog when I logged in, it is always great to read peoples comments and expressing their views. It makes me very happy to see there are other people interested in World Peace.
There are two things that I would like to get up and running on this site soon.
The first is to define the mission of the site. Let me just say, it will not have any involvement with either religion or politics. It will not focus on all the negative aspects happening in the world, the war and the violence, there is enough of that on the nightly news. The site mission will focus on positive things like peace, love, nature and unity.
The second thing is to formulate a way to involve others and work together for world peace. But in order to go down this path, I think it is important to first formulate what this site stands for and its mission. If you would like to find out details on how you can participate in the future, please sign up for our newsletter. I am so thankful for the emails I have received with offers to help and participate.

Below is a video composed by Tom Van Dorn who emailed me. It is titled “If you Believe”

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