The Rainbow Connection by Kermit the frog.

Last night I watched The Muppet Movie from 2011. It was a great movie, really brought back some memories from my youth.
I remember seeing the original Muppet Movie back in 1979 at the cinema when it was first released. I saw it as part of a school friends birthday party.
I had such a great time, I love the song “The Rainbow Connection” as much now, as I did back when I was a kid.
It strikes an emotion in me, that I cant quite describe in words, but it is a good feeling.
The Rainbow Connection Youtube
In particular these words make me emotional

Have you been half asleep
And have you heard voices
I’ve heard them calling my name
Are these the sweet sounds that called
The young sailors
I think they’re one and the same
I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it
There’s something that I’m supposed to be

Someday we’ll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

Now let me be clear, I do not literally hear voices, but I have always felt even from a young age, an inner calling, that I was meant to do something good for this world. Of course not me alone, but with other people. It is so easy to get trapped in the rat race, with day to day goings on, this song reminds me of my inner purpose, my inner calling of what “I’m supposed to be”
If anybody out there loves this song as much as me, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

One Reply to “The Rainbow Connection by Kermit the frog.”

  1. david wetzel

    Please use this poem for stage or film help me get it into the world, thank you (Long Poem for Peace)

    So I wonder what is the task this time ?
    who am I ?
    You will see
    your world is of dreams rambling
    realities comprised of wishes and curses
    a thousand thousand killers -all painted up
    dandy dancers in religion
    philosopher’s power slaves

 I am an animal man-creature
    now shape shifting into your world

You will not know me
    You will not see
    or understand,
    just a stranger
    another mental case
    you will say
    a ragged child of sand and wind
    I can clearly see the lies you believe
    so many explanations told as truth to the child
    who grows
    not knowing the questions are not answered
    and instead carrying a bag of lies and fairy tail
    awake, yes I am awake
    I tried to stay at rest
    but once too often I was disturbed
    I had to shed my sleep and my skin
    all of you have awakened me
    all of you with your noise
    clambering , ranting , spitting hate drizzle
    I am
    who are you mad men underlings ?those
    dancing ,howling, midnight dark dreamers,suns of hate
    dark riders in the wind of sorrow ?
    flinging into the eyes of men
    I am awake and you will stand down in the edge of a dream
    a reality breaths
    the shifting ripples along the skin and in the blood
    the eyes change
    new knowledge comes into the mind of the phoenix
    the sun and the wind feed me
    the sparrow and the hawk teach me
    the oak tree is my strength
    I am rock and earth
    blood and tears
    I am here now among you
    quickly I travel in electronic arteries
    in the spider web around the world
    I will stand before you
    I’ll gather your young about me
    this is now
    I am awake
    now I will splinter and sing
    to you this new song of long ages made
    come children listen:
    first one war
    then another
    and another
    after these some
    many more
    all the same sad story
    nothing learned 
The sky is beyond black or blue
    it is deep singing sleep
    I am at once free to understand
    tomorrow I leave
    the stars cascade across my vision
    the radio makes talk over in the Humvee
    the air is cold
    ageless sands shift under an ageless sky
    my boots are new
    the equipment is new
    everything smells plastic elastic Velcro fresh
    the ammo is heavy
    neat and clean
    I am just arrived alive
    but tomorrow afternoon I will leave
    beyond repair
    mother was relieved
    it will do you good to join

    before my eyes the heavy afternoon heat gives way
    to heat beyond the edge of reason
    complete silent pressure
    no sound
    slowly disintegrating man
    shredding,arms,legs and
    even a head
    all drifting away in the cloud of light
    don’t tell me I don’t know
    I am awake
    I am here to haunt you
    dead child
    cold blue child
    dead destroyed baby girl
    shrapnel blue deep pits above her eyes
    a hole in her face and an arm gone ragged
    don’t tell me any thing
    I am awake

this isn’t an idea

the fires of hell
    are kept lit by you fools
    you know who you are but you did not count on me
    I will stop you
    In this early morning hour I know
    I will tell no one I will sleep
    and gather into a force
    of truth
    afraid beyond words
    young and dead
    no lover’s arms to return to
    only you standing at a marble headstone
    I wont leave you alone
    the chopper settled in
    the gooks nest
    high as a kite
    the air was bath water
    the smell was gasoline and swamp
    it was fun
    incoming was buzzing
    but the tie sticks and beer took the afternoon
    just hit the ground in the raging dust
    empty the clip
    run stumble and fly into the shade
    the world is pounding,
    one big heart beat
    still the chopper sings its farewell
    a deep stillness settles in
    quietly the men die
    bleeding a rivulet into the soft soil
    the rice field simmers in the sun
    the heat settles in
    so stoned I don’t care
    its just this stupid war
    I want to go home ,but that’s a million dreams away
    Mike died yesterday
    a week in evak,
    they knew he would and he knew it was up
    Joey is insane
    Dave is slipping into a killer
    I’ll ramble if I want to ,you can’t stop me
    You don’t have any clue as to who I am
    do you?
the father land needed me
    to kill the Jews
    they came so smartly to my door this morning
    shiny and at attention
    all scrubbed clean
    full of the mission, you will come with us
    I knew to go
    the air was cold , the day was clear
    a little snow was left in the hedges and about the buildings of town
    your name, yes we know who you are
    fill out this form
    sit in this chair
    here is your identification,don’t lose it
    you will be shot if you cant produce it
    you are now in the glory of the father land
    I wanted only my books and the sweet girl at the bakery store
    my microscope and violin
    no idea of war was mine
    now I stand naked in the cold water
    hollow gray home of a thousand pale boys
    given to this order of insanity
    again and again
    wave your flags wave them until the dead can see you
    wave them all
    all you flag wavers,
    wave like you never waved before
    you wont stop me
    I am fire
    I am the fire of truth
    not to hidden by righteousness or holiness
    you can’t do that when it is just a plain old destroying truth
    stupidity is truth
    cruelty is truth
    foolish following is truth
    I burn you to the bone,
    I destroy you in your bed
    I will hunt you down and make you see me
    I am awake you have disturbed me,
    I am in a deep cosmic rage
    you will wonder where I came from
    I am yours
    you made me and left me for dead,forgotten 

sleeping in the gas chambers and killing fields
    the machete
    digs into his neck
    I can feel the bone
    he looks me in the eye
    I know something has gone terribly wrong
    but I laugh out loud ,pull and swing again
    his head roles away
    get it
    you keep dreaming this nightmare over and over
    I am awake
quickly follow me
    if you can
    or you will not see me enter the great halls
    where the powerful men yammer and spit
    spending lives like currency
    you will not see me casting dark confusion over them with the spider net
    to watch them spin their own destruction
    ever more ridicule
    turning on each other in a harvest of their own blood
    turned to ash
    their clothes will turn to rags as I leave
    the Apache dance in the fire light
    as the Crow
    as the Choctaw
    something has gone terribly wrong
    they know
    but still,now the arrow is for the heart of brothers
    not the deer or elk
    I bend and cut the scalp
    rip it back
    I hold it high and feel the warm blood run down my arm
    our eyes have gone wild, like wolves at the kill
    if my hand touches you
    you will be without understanding
    you will see yourself as the bomber and the destroyed
    your mouth will speak of destruction
    but it will always be yours
    I will find you
    you who think you are so wise
    as to be the judge and destroyer
    one by one you will come with me
    it is all a lie
    it is noise and confusion
    inherited foolishness,well kept and passed down
    father to son
    now you will see me
    you will not hide from me I will hold the flame on your mind
    until the fire catches
    cant you see who I am
    the gray dawn
    sweet among the hills of Tennessee
    the gray rough new uniform
    the new packets of powder and shot,
    the brass shiny caps
    a rainy mist,the gray lines
    the cavalry call
    the answering volley
    the first
    so it begins
    I am now turning around and around looking,
    everything moves so slowly
    the man in blue twists and shatters before my eyes
    settling like a rag across a fallen tree
    all scarlet and shiny
    I am a thunder,
    my ears hear a drum beat ever slower
    I am on fire
    the world is turning red and silent,
    I look down at the ring on my finger
    you will hear me now
    you will hear my bride weep
    you will smell the honeysuckle vine I fell into
    it takes me home outside the window
    I sing in the vines
    a chill runs through and through the woman looking out
    seeing the gray clouds scuttle by
    I close my eyes
    put it down
    ,put down the page
    ,put away the pen
    quiet the rage
    try to still the tongue and silence the song I bring
    I am alive
    deep in the truth I reside
    I show you the lies
    I will not be gone
    back to the romance of the fife and drum, bagpipe and song
    dances at the academy
    in smart new uniforms
    all the shiny fancy aircraft
    the napalm scudded like burning vomit across the village
    the babe sizzled like bacon
    popping and spitting as the fire consumed it
    I am transfixed
    still frozen
    I am as stone
    my child burns and I melt into the fire
    the fire leaps up my long hair and kisses my cheek
    the cow staggers by outside on fire
    I can hear grandmother singing
    I feel the long rain
    coming now
    I am the fire
    you should know me better
    you play on your island testing ground
    curious children
    you get your revenge on the yellow people
    I’ll take your world from you if you are not careful
    I am fire
    I am awake
    in the mud listening to the men try to explain themselves
    how did we get here in France ?
    hell Henry and I volunteered down at the station that’s how we got here
    Cindy kissed me goodby
    that is all I really wanted,
    was for her to kiss me good by
    and look at me that way.she did as she said she would wait for me
    I am cold now
    quiet and dead,
    covered up in the bottom of the trench
    slipped back down into the mud
    smacked in the forehead,
    it felt like a hornet sting and a hard punch between the eyes
    everything went white and shiny for a moment
    a deep dark starry night sky spinning all around
    a beautiful point of singing light
    the most radiant ring of light
    the gate
    but I wanted to come home to Cindy !
    I cant be here yet !
    the men don’t understand that they are also dead yet
    standing in line to sign the papers and give their lives for their country
    that’s the answer
    searing tearing pain
    the whole side of my face blown away
    I’m staring at you in disbelief
    with one eye hanging out,
    for a moment I can see it
    I am home
    I am yours
    I walk the lonely clay road in Alabama
    looking for my home place in the summer sun
    I see a an old oak tree,
    the dewberries are ripe
    and now the big circle of oaks
    the lighter knot gate post
    but no gate,
    only the chimney stands from the old home place
    I suppose the Phil co radio is gone as well
    I was standing on the foredeck watching the incoming zeros
    looking for my recon man when something went terribly wrong
    for a second I understood torpedo
    land we lifted up as if by invisible hands and were slammed with fire,
    just a blink
    Ill show you the truth
    truth is thirst
    when you have no water for days
    simple quiet deep
    terrifying truth
    watch the soldier drink
    ,then laugh at us and spit it out
    he spits out whole mouthfuls on the dry ground
    the ache
    worse than any lover’s desire
    for just a sip
    you know what war is?
    I know you do not get it
    it would be ended
    the truth will make you insane
    with thirst
    twist in the fire
    try to fly from the raging pain in your head and screaming through your bowels
    gasp for air in the heat of your cell
    death in Afghanistan
    the Patriots cause
    you are fools to believe
    you win when you kill
    any one
    ,any one, so bold and brilliant in wisdom
    to say
    I am God
    is welcome to hell
    its yours
    you make it
    you keep it
    jump up and shout,
    run ,sing and dance
    love the killers one and all
    every mother’s son with blood on his hands
    I am awake
    I know you don’t like me
    ,you don’t like this
    get up and leave
    you will find I will follow you
    right into your dreams
    you will no longer hide and wash your hands in innocence
    our cause ,our reasons, our way of life
    its always the same side
    its your side
    its just a finger on the trigger
    quick snap dead
    and a few civilians killed by mistake
    I’ll be a mountain of bloody legs
    blown off by land mines
    resurrected arms and hands,
    shattered severed heads
    raining down
    I have the strength of all the men killed
    the innocence of the children
    the raging sorrow of the mothers
    the sadness of the fathers
    when they realize that it is
    their own sad art that paints this picture
    its the cold kiss of death
    I will kiss you this morning
    in the big ditch in the field
    you will stand beside in the cold dawn
    its your own child’s eyes you see looking up at you
    its a crack ,a thud
    the kiss moves down the line
    you fall
    you see your child’s eye move as you fall
    stranger,in a long red cloak,standing before the fire,unannounced
    dark deep eyes and brooding brows dark
    velvet complexion
    gather of blood
    claiming souls for the record
    the wall
    the star in the window
    the photo on the tomb stone
    the telegraph from western union
    we are sorry
    to report …
    the cannon accidentally fired during maneuvers facing away from the range
    the Yankees were drilling and doing range practice
    I was looking at her and how beautiful she was in the evening sun
    I saw the way the sun shone through the lace on her dress
    when the ball arrived
    oh sad arts ,are the arts of war
    the arts of crime and shame
    innocence destroyed
    God made insane
    for God and country of thee I bleed
    I am angry
    you don’t see the empty hours in a cell alone
    you don’t see your man hammering the nails into the God child’s wrists
    over and over
    you never blame yourself
    for accepting this
    is your bomb
    this is your fear and rage
    this is your blind acceptance
    there will always be wars
    you know any thing is possible with God
    what do you want ?
    I’ll not dance at your victory ,
    you slyly let them start,
    you knew
    and pushed the hate along
    looked the other way a moment
    You are the problem of hate
    you are the fear,and greed
    me , me , me, you whimper
    my God
    my country
    my people ,
    the prophet ,
    the way
    we are
    you are not
    Gods children
    infidel Jew Christian Buddhist
    Arapaho man
    told the young men
    there is only death in war
    “it is only death+ he said
    you choose a path that is a lie in the beginning
    and death in the end ,
    I don’t have time for your lying worm tongues
    you bitter hate baitor’s
    you know who you are
    Rush and I-ah ttola
    I am in front of you now
    I stand ragged and torn with my old shopping cart
    in front of your car
    you sit on the horn,
    you cant scare this old solider
    I’ll not move
    I don’t even know my own name
    what is that sound?
    I am yours
    the Congress gave the military millions and millions
    they gave me a ticket to Korea
    do you know how red
    blood is in the snow?
    blood is almost black in moonlight
    I see the frozen children
    fallen men
    the skinny dog valiantly guarding the old woman’s pale torn body
    black on white ,in gray sad memories flicker on and off
    curse me of course in your car at the cross walk
    but you should know ,I
    am yours
    I am your humanity
    I am what you teach your children
    every tribe a killer tribe
    every flag a song of death
    you weave this tapestry
    of death and destruction
    into all that you are
    you are never free
    from the blinding explosion
    searing and tearing,shattering your life into tattered meat
    words spoken by the red mouths of the leaders
    and preachers
    teachers of hate and destruction
    always , somehow…incredibly
    for God or in the name of the Prophet or with God’s divine help….
    I’ll take my shattered mind now..thank you very much
    out of your way
    you drive on..go on
    wondering what was wrong with that crazy old fool with the shopping cart
    now you will know
    I will tell you
    I will seep into every thing you do
    again and again you will see me
    in a book
    on the news,out the window
    as gun shots ring out in the night we lie in the tall wet grass
    it smells like snakes and is scratchy
    when the rain came we did not move,
    father said not to move
    until he came back
    he said, pretend this is a dream and you are asleep
    be very still,do not call me if some one comes,do not move,close your eyes and do not answer them
    unless they know your names
    he said this very quickly
    and in a whisper
    he was trembling,we felt his hand on us shaking,then he ran
    it was still and quiet
    a wind came and the rain, sister moved close to me but made no sound
    now we lie in the tall wet grass
    many excited voices
    then gun shots,screams,the sound of some one coming
    tromping around
    they stop and come over around us
    sister doesn’t move,
    I don’t move
    someone laughs one time
    then crack
    you will come with us now your children do not need you any more
    I will settle into your dreams
    it is different now
    I grow in power every day
    for as long as I stayed away
    taking the hate and pain
    gathering the sorrow and mindless grief of disbelief
    the senseless tragedy
    the couples locked in a death grip
    having cut each others arteries staring
    wild eyed at each other in victory
    a vast horde came to me on fire
    some coverd in oil some in gasoline
    others came as ash,all in one quick moment
    like dust they settled among the severed heads
    all a gift from your little planet home
    the poison men gather,with their white coats and microscopes,all the little frozen viles
    anthrax and smallpox ,so many deadly things to play with
    they pile high the store room
    the swords and knifes, all bloody and ringing with hate
    clash in endless battle in the halls
    all about the bullets and cannon shot fly
    shredded flesh drifts down like snow
    blinded bleeding eyes look on as countless voices cry out
    the shutter of death trembles in your hart
    I am real
    I am here
    I am yours
    you can not put me away now
    to do that you must agree
    you love
    your battleships,and confederate flags,
    your fancy remote control airplanes
    and exploding vests
    and all those God damned silly hats
    you are fools
    with fire
    little puney minds half formed
    willing to follow any one
    so easily
    we kill them,
    they stand quietly
    some of them get sick,
    some of them faint
    its a little messy
    its quick
    and its easy
    I have five hundred now
    almost a record for a day !
    the back hoe digs the ditch,then covers them up
    ,quickly it is done
    one man turned at the last moment and spit
    I shot him in both eyes
    we laughed and laughed because I was so angry at him
    the only thing is the smell
    sometimes I can’t get that blood smell off of me
    I not hungry much any more either….
    I would not tell anyone but I almost admire the man who turned when he felt the hot gun barrel at the back of his head
    he was quick
    tomorrow we may finish them all ,eight thousand men and boys
    war crimes
    in your face
    six million Jews
    two million Cambodians
    numbers of countless thousands of ten and twenty
    young men
    all arrive shouting
    death to the enemy, we will be victorious
    just to feel a hand in mine
    just to connect this simple way
    slips down the corridor
    away to a forgotten day
    as I recall the mystery of youth
    I remember you
    the poet grasps
    at the scattered pages as the sword runs him through
    the violin is smashed by a bit of shrapnel
    flung by a shell from the sea
    the twin boys are blown to smithereens in their stroller
    in the holy land
    the missile makers aim the end of the world at each other and snarl and spit
    you don’t think you are fools?
    hindo voodo jap spick wop jerry limy reb and yank
    talk and talk
    big strong men
    say they protect us all on all sides
    of course
    all the death and destruction they bring
    with never ending patriotic songs
    would you?
    that I should leave you
    close the book if that would end the story ?
    however words live
    they crawl and slither,distort and poison
    this thinking glob of fat that is in your head ,
    needs to see
    you own me
    I am real
    you can write no good in blood
    all your joy is destroyed
    the cities of light are empty
    the raging cold warriors wonder the darkness
    I bring them to you
    so easily you give up your sons and husbands
    daughters and te mother’s of your children
    to them
    so easily you listen to the worn out explanation
    it is the way of the world
    it is the way of fools
    everybody run
    run to your side
    grab a stone and run back
    smash a head
    now proclaim victory for
    see it grows old
    over and over
    stupid men
    I will rise up like the sun your eyes will open to the truth
    these people who are allowed to kill
    must be stopped
    they are yours, you must understand this ,see them know them ,all of you
    don’t blame God or the devil
    its you
    I will not go back,
    or leave you
    or be quiet
    any more
    you must know every story before you are free of this nightmare
    that every one must dream
    I can tell you this, it was cold and damp
    the little electric torch grew yellow,the air was heavy and wet
    the sub settled onto the sandy bottom never to leave we watched the filament
    glow orange
    fade away,then darkness
    you could hear the sub creak and shutter
    popping from the pressure, then the seam split
    ice water filled the darkness
    sitting by the sea
    the pretty girl felt a cold chill and settled into a sadness that left her hanging in a closet
    you opened the door
    so I shot you
    so what? that’s war
    I will hold you by your hate
    you sit at your dinner table
    give thanks and ask for blessings
    then explain why it is necessary to kill
    then you turn to me
    funny little man
    and quite matter of factually explain why you hate Mexicans
    you would shoot them all if you could
    absolutely satisfied in your crazy way
    this isn’t make believe this is real life true
    you are in hate you simple hard working family man
    proclaimed conservative Christian Anglo brother
    blood on your soul
    come with me
    you can’t refuse
    follow this path ,
    it is yours
    you make it
    follow it through your children
    until it grows into death and destruction
    this is real
    kill for sand
    stand on your own grave oh Jerusalem
    war crimes
    fools and imbeciles
    war its self is a crime
    i prosecute you all
    nations sing your pretty songs
    stand defiant before God ,
    justified,sanctified forgiven
    for killing the sleeping child and the house cat
    stand now,this is yours
    drink this blood
    it is what you do
    peaceful and quiet just at the break of day, the trees are shrouded in mist
    suspended in time the moment stands
    before the thundering b52 slams into the hill exploding into a rolling fire ball
    I am a child then
    I am a child now
    begging you to understand what you do
    when you speak of hate
    open the gate
    loose this beast
    unleash this tempest
    this insanity transferred
    around the circle of time
    give in to this destruction,
    embrace this passion
    of love gone to hell
    behold I am yours
    who am I ?
    that flings a child snatched from his mother’s arms into a well
    and laughs
    you can not understand
    I am the new mother
    listening to the rain on the roof and looking in wonder at the new babe in my arms
    the night is quiet and peaceful
    the terrible heat is broken
    the air is cool and sweet
    you do not understand
    time falls into itself
    it is ,as it was,as it will be
    you decide
    I am before you in power and mystery
    I am not easy
    or pleasant
    American reality television
    splatted with the blood of an Afghan bride
    would scream across the air waves into oblivion
    you can not comprehend
    (but you will)
    see the blood stained dress?
    the sad corpse ?
    the insane groom?
    and a room in hell for the architect of it?
    don’t get it yet?
    its your dollar
    and your collage grad
    your baby boy
    sent off to school
    at seventeen years old to be the next high priest of the Holy war
    he has His father”s sword in his hand
    the explosive vest
    on his chest
    your beautiful child
    all crazy with jihad
    you know he is yours
    they all will die today
    thank you
    weep for this sad sundown
    I see and so the profit is god
    it is done and I have run out of mercy
    awake and see
    feel the death you embrace in your complacency
    it is your sad song
    all the mothers and fathers
    concern is there for the children
    when they take them to the temple to be blessed
    or baptized
    and they dip them in the holy river
    or pass them over the backs of twenty cows
    all for the blessings of a good life
    property,love and peace
    a different song
    a different chant
    some expect to live again
    some forever
    no-one looks to die
    just like that
    on an airplane
    going home
    or to see grandmother
    out the window
    on to the tarmac
    shot to make a point
    frozen in time
    suspended in the Nazi ice water
    survival duration experiment
    you shoved me under when i tried to get out of the brine pool
    the absolute moment
    held me in complete terror
    dark came
    quietly floating down
    don’t ask for forgiveness
    I wont to remember you
    only the sun singing on the river
    I could free you if I remember
    but I don’t,
    it was to dark
    help me understand this
    I was nailing shingles on my barn
    Mary had fixed a nice breakfast
    we made love in the big feathered bed
    (she wanted to)
    any way, I was about to hammer a nail into a shingle
    when it went red and dark
    all was a ringing
    I remember falling into the hay rake
    the tongs run through me
    the wind out of the west had the smell of gun smoke on it
    I heard Mary scream
    what in the world?
    a snipers job is to kill
    he was a sympathizer
    so I shot him off his barn
    one less enemy
    fly before me
    wind of rage and revenge
    fly before me
    fire and gunshots
    fly the dreams of destruction turned into day light realities
    you stand and wonder how it came to this ?
    fly before me all the words
    aimed at twisting hearts of men,
    one against the other
    pay now
    the dance is over
    you will stand before the fire of truth and….
    be seen no more
    I am
    every day and night
    I am
    every river and sea
    I am the wind
    I will not be silenced
    you will
    the wailing of the misery
    in the center of your brain
    may still your mouth
    you will see the sad eyed child
    Oh dreamers of Babylon
    wise men of Atlantis
    builders of pyramids
    and space shuttles
    formers of constitutions
    and writers of symphonies
    can you not figure this out?
    a sniper on a roof in Syria
    killed my teen age girl
    own this bullet
    who are you??????
    tell me where it said in the Bible
    there will always be wars ?
    God is all powerful
    go figure
    You want to have your enemy
    Enemies make you into somebody
    you would not be without them
    both of you
    jump up and shout
    ,stand up and spit and curse
    spin your hatred into a mass of moving people
    out down and over
    the morning smells like death
    it is all yours
    God does not force this on you
    although you would like to think that something else is at work here
    it is you puny little men,
    puffed up proud women
    little oldsword wielding stone heaving talk show radiohosts
    get it
    get it now!!!!
    its all the same
    you know it
    it smells like death and decay
    but it starts with patriotic songs and marching bands
    you must join in,the mother land calls you
    I bore you? I will engulf you!
    you will listen forever
    if need be
    I am alive and powerful beyond your measure
    I come to shake your world
    sweet victory
    the Huns are stopped
    we have won
    the North is triumphant
    we are independent the Spanish run like dogs
    you don’t want the price ?
    you don’t want the truth of how hollow it all really is ?
    it is empty
    a shallow shell
    if victory is when
    someone makes new rules
    and builds new armies
    you will answer to them
    they will say
    “go kill ,and protect us”
    it is in our nations interest
    or a holy war
    or oil
    or something like a line on a map
    but a little boy and girl will die
    their mother will weep for the rest of time
    the big strong men may get all dressed up in fancy uniforms
    long robes and vestments
    turbans and long silky beards
    and speak so elegantly
    of the heroes of the past
    and the sacrifices of soldiers
    his honor
    his Excellency
    his woopasness
    the President,
    your Holiness
    the general
    they meet in war councils
    in back rooms
    they plan
    with maps and figures
    they move little toy navys around
    and drop toy atomic bombs
    on a little toy flat world
    I have come to take them all to Hell

    the Hell that they construct
    one by one they will find me standing by the royal bed
    dog leash and collar in hand
    my twisted limbs and bleeding eyes are ,beyond a nightmare
    you will now visit your handiwork
    I will own your mind
    your spirit cannot hide any longer
    PEACE has come to claim you as its own
    I am alive in the cosmic world of energies
    I will come weaving and darting
    dancing into your films
    singing in your music
    shouting in your streets
    I will reach up out of pictures in a book
    turn the corner in a city and you will see me
    face to face
    I will name you
    and claim you
    I will tell your children the truth
    they will be sick to know and wish to hide
    but you will not stop me with your guns and lies
    you can not
    because I am yours
    and I have the net
    and music
    and poets
    and artists to do my bidding
    I am no fantasy,
    look around
    you can feel me coming
    isn’t it interesting that gold and lead are so similar ?
    they are both heavy and soft
    can be hammered very thin
    they both endure
    they also both kill
    they shatter the land
    empower the destroyers of peace
    they enslave and seduce
    I give you both for your last meal
    I tried to understand
    I studied and listened to the old men
    as they explained to me
    why I should go into the market and explode
    you can take everything away from me
    but you will not take my voice
    I did not see that I would know the infidel,from the faithful
    so I was told Alla would know
    I was given to martyrdom
    to do this work
    it was the path from the moment of my birth
    I was still pure having not even having known a woman
    I had yet to shed blood
    I was raised in THE way
    how else could it be that I stand in front of the council
    to make this video
    if not the will of Alla ?
    every direction I turn , leads down the alleyway into the market
    not towards my “self
    the old men approve
    they know
    the children whisper
    the woman press against me in the throng before prayers
    it grows quiet as I enter
    the best food is put before me
    it is the will of Ala
    the night is long and quiet
    sleep is a mean friend that only says hello and then leaves
    I pray and pray
    I read the Prophet’s words
    Who am i?
    I am death
    bloody death
    I am exploding
    you are
    bleeding out
    in the street
    thrown burning
    stumbling blind
    blinking out
    quiet jerking twitching
    for the glory of God ?
    child of destruction
    you came to purify the world
    your vest wasn’t so heavy
    “I was surprised ” you tell me now
    “it was warm to the touch
    taken from its hiding place
    on the roof under the tiles
    it had a funny smell like
    something new it was wrapped
    around me and I felt it hold me
    in its grip its complete power and
    authority to kill was mine The little wire
    dangling was all it needed to call in the
    will of Alla from the cell phone
    the tile floor was clean and smooth
    from ages of bare feet
    orange and yellow,with blurred boarders
    the water was cool and smelled sweet so
    I washed my feet slowly I tell you my ears
    were ringing and I felt light and
    the tea they gave me was working
    I was very glad and knew
    this was the hour so down a back road
    went after I put on the Burke
    It seemed the will of Alla
    so I let this idea take me to the market
    and I walked into the crowd and
    an old woman looked right at me and cursed!
    she told me I was a fool and that you stumbled and swayed
    like a hash eater and to be gone……………………………
    I pressed the button and nothing happened
    it was the will of Alla
    the solders come down the ally way
    the crowd opened before them
    they looked like big insects
    with big black eyes and ant antenna,
    all hard edged and mean
    when they drew near
    I was lifted into the air just a little above them
    I saw the helmets fly off,their i big black eyes shatter
    I was a ringing bell !
    then all was still but for the ringing and darkness
    it was done
    the old woman had a bolt buried deep in her skull
    another victory for Alla ?
    then you snapped my mind closed ”
    I will pry it open with my bloody hands
    I will be behind you ,
    laughing that way you know
    deny the truth and wake up with an old woman calling you
    look into the hole in her head
    as she twists in the wind from the explosion
    she was your old grandmother gone to market
    to get some figs I know
    you must sit beside her corpse and count the maggots
    until I set you free
    that will be when the last story is told
    listen to this in every language
    watch it find its way out of the ancient darkness into the light of the moment
    you encounter the dark power of blind obedience to hate
    you have no excuse now
    ,no place to hide
    no old man to listen to
    no God, of forgiveness to lie for you
    you are the death in the valley now
    you are the fear
    and the rape
    some part of you will deny anything to do with Africa
    or Sudan
    or Mexico
    do you understand who I am?
    I am all of you who let them do the killing
    all you mothers brothers sisters and wives
    girl friends and fathers,uncles aunts
    and teachers
    preachers rabbi and mullahs
    who see them off and cry
    send them toothpaste and socks
    its their duty
    Who am I with my sad bleeding eyes to tell you
    its yours ?
    the evening news may help you
    run from the truth,
    they do this for you.
    it is is cold,
    ice is every where
    the door on the little shed swings on its leather hinges
    the goats are all gone,
    nothing moves but the swing of the door
    in the house the hearth is cold
    the chimney moans
    the old photograph looks down in silence at the sunlight in the dust
    on the table dinner places are still set
    the circles of light
    trace the bullet holes in the roof and walls
    in the spring the rats will finish cleaning the bones
    it was just a short five day war
    it was over in five minutes
    this scene is alive
    the screams will reverberate forever in the cold air
    as the old man
    clings to the old woman
    the goats roasted well over the fire made from the fence
    for mother Russia
    all of you will be contacted
    each in you own day
    Now I will not rest
    until every grave is opened
    and every wretched lie is put before you written
    so you can make no mistake
    what foolish nonsense brings me to this path
    you will know me
    the great gray battleship bathed in the early morning sunlight
    the long graceful sheer line
    towering guns
    tons of steel and brass
    all the drawings ,calculations machine figures ,builders and mathematical wizards
    a massive undertaking
    for killing
    and destruction
    are we free from this
    I see the memorial park,with its bombers and submarine
    it is beside the great ship in the sun
    the big jet fighter on the sign
    every one of you has the seed that grows this fruit of conflict
    let them gather the memories of reality
    war memorials should be awash in blood and shattered bones
    the sounds of burning drowning men
    All who gather around, and listen to the fire starters
    those crafty speakers who begin the killing
    with simple words
    will see the blood that dribbles down their chins
    as they build their wars
    your eyes will see now
    I will get behind your mind and illuminate the screen
    if you have read this
    it is done
    you may laugh and trash
    the page
    then you will see it is yours
    you gave it to your children
    the world has ton es of this junk
    all the schools that were not built
    hospitals that did not happen
    missiles ,biochemical warfare labs ,lazier ray particle cannons ….3 billion
    a linear rail projectile accelerator
    a few more microwave ultra distance brain cookers
    they all cling to me
    they are a moving mountain of artillery pieces,airplanes,and ships
    factory upon factory bombs bullets and land mines
    the forges and anvils to hammer out all the bloody tools of war,
    as far as the eye can see
    they pile up in all direction
    I will give you a memorial !
    a mountain of bones as big as the moon
    to shine down on you at night
    your leaders should have a rotten stinking nest of vipers snapping at your leaders heads when they talk of war
    you holy men
    these fires
    blood will come as tears,from your eyes
    for all of your cunning lies
    I am truth
    I will slay you
    the nightmares will begin
    they will dance in your heads as you pray
    people will fear your eyes
    they will despise your face
    you will not hide from me
    the good people will shout you down
    the righteous
    the kind
    the wise
    they will shut you away
    in a desolate land to live your lives out
    no longer the slayers of peace loving people
    I am shaking your world
    snarling across your land
    hero time is over
    reality is pain,death destruction
    all the crazy requests
    please universe join in
    help us win this war
    I will give you that answer now
    open the door to a stranger who will not leave
    until the last warrior tribe is gone
    the lie is untold
    we got the boy a dog
    his mama thinks
    I won’t let him walk behind me
    I will see where he goes
    and follow in his steps
    he loves the dog
    they slept together the first night
    and he follows his dog carefully
    and there are forgotten mines
    mama forgot about them
    for boy and dog it was love
    mother saw the explosion
    she ran past the bloody spot and up the mountain
    she sleeps in the deep valley floor
    the wolves had a fine meal
    yesterday my prison Guard told me
    now there is only grief
    so quiet ,so complete
    time stands still
    when we danced in the moon light
    when we laughed at the babies smiles
    we planted the spring garden
    we moved the goats up the mountain
    we did not know
    the war had started
    it will never end
    it can not be undone
    it is your war
    I am sad
    blistering wretched pain beyond hell
    complete insanity
    to turn on my own wife and son
    slay them in their bed
    while they looked at me in terror
    I was in Afghanistan when it began
    I knew the moment
    it snapped
    the boy danced as the bullets hit him
    wrong place
    wrong time
    wrong move
    collateral damage
    he jerked and twisted on the ground
    I shot him once more
    still as the sun
    the day stands fixed forever
    I am here
    something came undone
    I was turned lose to run wild
    I turned and walked away
    to my childhood
    the cold river in summer
    swimming and fishing,
    the mist on the river at dawn
    my father and uncle,cooking breakfast
    ,fish and grits
    the sandy beach in the bend
    the sip of whiskey in the evening,
    the fire turned to starlight
    ripping into me
    smashed down with unearthly pain
    the boy and I
    bleeding in the alley
    departed this world
    he did not return,
    I did
    now I stand looking at the bloody bed
    you can smell death in your very air
    I am in your children s eyes
    they ask
    You tell them
    to save the world
    or claim our peoples land……
    on both sides
    our people
    have been hating and fighting
    for generations
    foolish monkey
    I stand and hold the hand of a thousand dead children
    they are your pretty work mister war master
    missal builder
    sitting in the basement packing the powder
    drilling out the plate,
    setting the timing fuse
    ,putting in the nuts and nails
    if I only had a bouncing Betty
    War is made by the hands of men
    their minds at an accepted insane occupation
    A quiet land awaits you
    it is an absolute mind numbing consuming hate
    it awakens you in the night
    it is thrilling ,
    your eyes snap open
    your senses race
    every whisper of sound is amplified
    the distant twinkle of a light,moving
    who is coming ?
    the tracer rounds come in first
    the smash of glass and wood, a thousand rounds
    slam you
    fear and hate have done their job
    up against the wall in tattered shreds the map explains it
    hate grabs you,
    it takes everything else away
    you now belong to the white robed fantasy of the clan
    around the fire light,
    same subject,
    crazy fire cross ,
    some super twisted idea of Christmas
    it was the day when we got the telegram
    or mother wept
    in her own mother’s arms
    the young bride,
    the baby in the crib
    she was quiet,such a good child
    Vietnam waited for him
    come one
    come all,
    see the American civil war
    its an adventure
    it is eve so interesting
    we will re in-act it for you
    come with me and die
    ,on a sun lit afternoon
    ,with a musket ball between our eyes
    you are simple history
    at 15 years of age you marched out of town
    confederate son
    blond and proud,
    defending the idea that to keep slaves is just
    it said so in the Bible?
    there will always be wars
    wars full of complete insanity
    says who?
    you think this is a gift of God, Alla, Buddha,Yaw-aye,Bozo the clown ?
    step down sir ! Madame!
    accept your stupid idea
    i is all yours
    choke on it
    No I wont leave this alone
    I am at you
    and your machinery
    you cunning little death dealing lairs
    spitting slobbering rabble risers
    I will drag you kicking and screaming out of my city
    you know the one on the hill?
    I will set you among your own kind
    you may tear each other to shreds with your own hands
    I will laugh as the universe consumes you as it does all useless things
    you will be done with and we can live in peace
    but just to be fair
    gone as you may be
    you must still listen forever
    this one small child that stands quietly beside her mother
    and left raped and broken
    she is yours
    tomahawk ?
    cruse missile?
    wish then
    one dead son
    one dead brother
    one person at a time,decides
    to go down this road
    a reason
    loyalty to the king,
    a noble” I do” for freedom
    when the words are written in blood
    there is no end
    I will not let you go
    I will not let you say nothing
    you see
    I am death
    and in your day ,
    with plenty of help from of hate
    and fear
    I will walk your streets and lanes
    even in foolish Ireland
    who do you hate ?
    the Christ Child ?
    simple sad
    killing meanness
    you morons
    look at what you accept
    passing on from one young person to another,
    songs of hate,
    hate is a demonic force
    hate is an inanity
    ,a mental illness
    the twisted man will get beside you and make you
    hate him
    it is the food and drink of war
    it is the real substance if a profound reality
    red blood is all you see
    the smashing of the skull
    and the twitching body
    a passion
    such a fools trap!
    so long ago
    for no reason
    save destruction
    it became yours
    but it isn’t whole
    it is broken bits and pieces of childhood and home
    it is hunger and cold
    its dyslexia and cant count or read
    or spell
    perhaps it has a a twisted face
    War calls the outcast to something real
    it gives the lonesome people
    the insane a world they can understand
    be gone
    but I tell you I see the insanity
    and so perhaps I shall quietly leave you ?
    it is your own, your miserable mess
    left alone you brood ,plan and talk
    until the fire burns the whole city
    all set against me will fail because
    I am truth,
    The interlocking violence grows by day and in nights
    blindness is the sun on the desert at noon
    I am sullen,
    yet resolved
    to see this wicked duty done
    ,it will be so easy
    The Turks have no reconnaissance that I am even in the theater
    I come in from Damascus ,
    over a fort night
    only starlight and sand saw me
    the bridge was brought down
    ,the rails were wrecked
    the locomotive and the cars plunged in a graceful arc into the river Valley
    all was fire and explosions
    we watched as the raiders go down,the children and mothers ,who were bound out of harms way
    mix the blood with the fire to put a sickly sweet smell on the air
    you think you have me stopped some how,how can this be?
    so you continue this lie to mankind
    I am alive
    i stand against you
    test me
    the worst is the blindly stupid mean
    people eat them up like sugar
    I will strip this to the bone
    the fire of the innocent will haunt you
    the true hero
    never fired a shot
    or stabbed
    or hung
    any one
    they stood naked while correction officers washed them down
    electric shocks ravished their bodies and consumed their minds
    they rotted in open fields and at the bottom of wells
    you will never know them
    they will never see their children
    or sit at dawn with a cup of coffee
    try to understand,
    they belong to you
    don’t just get up
    go about your day
    and deny this
    dig to a deeper understanding
    get it
    ,that you make a choice!!!!
    what will it be ?
    I stand before you in my bloody robes,
    ,come with me now
    and kill the innocent by accident
    as if
    they cared if you meant to or not
    I am wailing dervish in your mind
    I am at you
    i am alone
    i am old as time
    i know you do not see
    i must gather the dead
    but i will not leave
    sing old Jerusalem,sing to the old jaw bone
    you wont put down
    whisper to Africa
    it is the way that it is ,to kill and be killed
    explain it in long books to your children
    give them toy guns and swords
    hunter drone video games
    teach them the words,war is the way it is forever
    welcome the bloody hand i offer you in Chile
    rip the world apart in Mexico
    you hear me,you who do the killing
    know how quietly i come
    slipping down the ally in the early morning
    tomorrows child will not understand you
    they will hear me,they will see me
    they will put away this suit of foolishness
    words are noise
    music is the voice
    of the universe
    they will sing strange songs of peace
    they will love one another ,turning away from this inheritance of hate
    they will take the stone out of your hand
    bury the jaw bone
    rebuke the wicked speaker
    i sing to you all as you sleep
    i weave a tapestry of dreams
    i claim you at last, now you must listen
    and know,you can only deny me,but it is hollow
    the cloud is stripped away
    blood will run from every war machine
    you will understand
    death will be written on all the fancy hate speeches
    truth will spring up like grass
    your grand temples of lies will go empty
    replaced by music in the streets
    the guns will be a curse,damning the holder
    a black hart defined and sent away
    we do not need you killer folk
    leave us
    we are thousands by thousands now
    rising up out of our graves to tell you enough
    no more
    give your children peace
    God has no name
    to enter into a contract to do Gods killing
    is absolute and total foolishness
    it is your own sick will you follow
    I see you
    in your long robes and vestments
    your bloody knives hidden in your books of love
    lairs and fools
    little squirmy
    maggot men
    feeding on the rot of power
    you can not hide ,i will rid the earth of you
    to be banished and forgotten
    understood for the fools you are
    planters of hate and destruction
    filth comes from your mouths
    quickly like fire in dry woods i leap and spread
    you know me well
    you who know i am here
    you kind and loving people of the world
    your tears have awakened me,rejoice and sing
    bring down the foolish killing clowns that claim your world
    take the sword away
    calm the angry child
    bury all the bullets
    deep in the well of reconciliation
    it can be done
    you have a voice now,it spreads like wild fire
    pull the child back from the twisted hate your parents gave you
    under stand the muddy grave and bloody toys
    for the children of your enemy are yours also
    turn away
    i bring you the power to love
    there was no understanding it, no reason
    the men came into the village,we welcomed them
    fed them
    on the third day they came back
    pointing their guns at us,they made the men and boys stand in a line
    I can still hear the long scream of my mother
    the loud slap bang of the guns rang out
    the men and boys fell,trying to crawl away
    eyes like you never want to see
    looking ,looking at us ,help us
    they burned the lodges and shot all the dogs and horses
    mother tried to run with me in her arms
    but they broke her with their long knife
    i am Apache
    my mother lies on top of me dead
    i am yours
    its a half track interrogation in Vietnam
    the whoosh,pop
    when we ran over them with the half track
    the heads popped like watermelons
    still they never spoke ,just vomited and shook
    we killed them all
    one by one
    later that year the war was over
    or was it?
    i can not find the quiet,i still hear the pop of the skull
    i am yours
    the blood runs out of the pile of money
    all the fancy factory folks ,making all the tools of war
    the money piled high in the banks of the fat men
    greasy weasels from hell
    war is good to them
    it feeds them well ,they drink your blood
    I am the poison of rage
    i am in your belly
    i blind you and twist your mind,i move your feet
    to walk the path of death
    pull the bow back
    let the arrow go
    fling into destruction all that is holey,burn the innocent in their beds
    you will understand me now
    you will feel the ice cold brine
    oh civilization,,what an extraordinary lie
    contingency of savages with pretty toys and minds of swine
    seen by the distant eye, as no more than insects ravishing a blue green planet
    Made in the image of God… think again
    this is ridicules nonsense
    what God would tear himself to shreds,and brag about it?
    know the song with out words will fill the air
    a soft and forgiving rain will fall
    it will be peaceful and still at dawn
    i will come quickly to awake your acing hart
    a new time
    you must turn the page
    past revenge
    let the boarders just be silly lines on paper
    the laws should be fair and simple,keeping people free
    before this however
    one on one,deliberately
    in every quiet corner of consultation
    turn away from warfare,reject it
    it is only death and more war cascading misery and abuse
    no do not join the armies
    or rebels or drug soldiers in amazon mobster glory

    don’t ride through the hot steamy night with your shot gun
    looking to kill a gypsy
    or sit on the Mexico border
    itchy finger power scope high velocity bullet,pull it trigger
    kill a wet back for fun
    crazy people
    who are you?
    i feel you
    i can feel your hollow harts
    your burned out minds
    confusing sex and death
    blind excitement of killing like a game
    For my country the young man proudly said
    yes i would die,for my country
    no for the war tool factory
    the big airplane builders
    Humvee missile dealers and sword sellers
    land stealer and holey war mobsters
    they are all the same bunch
    yours look you right in the eye
    they raised you up
    and told you God is on your side
    its gods war!
    its your war, friend,it has never been won
    it gets quit ,then comes boiling back
    not between good and evil
    all the evil wins,measure a good by the evil it serves,and weep
    just the pure sad sickness of selfish men
    all around
    the men fall shattered and bloody
    the gunners rejoice
    no one,on any side,lived out that day
    they all lost every thing to insanity
    it is yours to continue
    or to stop
    with your voice
    one on one
    i came with the magic lantern
    pictures of the front
    the ladies faint and weep
    some vomit
    their brave handsome men turned to ragged cloth and hollow eyed skulls
    i took the pictures my self
    the woman hit me with their fists
    say it isn’t true
    oh Gd no
    the war to end all wars still continues
    now France and Germany bomb labia,who take machine gun trucks
    and shoot children when thy get in the way
    the wild eyed killers keep your world
    take them,bound,to a high walled garden
    close the gate for ever
    let them live out their lives among the flowers and the vegitables
    let them consider the blue sky
    they will pass away,dissolving their twisted minds
    for ever quiet now
    ill gather them for you now,with many hands and quick feet
    you know who they are
    steal the bullets while they sleep
    they will awake naked in the garden
    you will understand as it is done
    I am those who stood before the counsel and said
    we must not send them arms,only to be shouted down
    i am those who refused to join
    only to be banned from the family table,run out of town
    i am all the book writers and poets who tried to tell you
    open our eyes
    the music makers and dancers
    the lone man standing in front of the tank
    the Buddhist monk on fire in the street
    do you remember me?
    i poured gasoline over my own head
    it soaked into the orange robes turning them dark
    it was cold and sweet smelling
    then another gallon run all down my back
    onto the road
    the day was sunny and clear,no breath of air stirred
    some people in the marked stopped and looked to see
    i am war
    i looked out the air was wavy when i lit the match
    the world swayed and danced the fire felt like ice water
    the sky rang like a thousand bells
    ,i sat down in the melting tar
    i am among you now
    remember me
    standing naked before dawn in the federal prison
    little man who refused to kill
    the fire hose knocked me down and chilled me to the bone
    every morning
    they called it a shower
    i wrote books to try to show you
    i lived to show you
    it is your choice one at a time
    it is your words spoken in ernest, what do you teach the young?
    they trust you
    who do you give them for enemies?
    who will you send them to killI will stand beside you, a bloody skull and bones
    while you rand and rage,fanning the fires of hate
    I will mark you for ever
    fr those who will know you
    You…all the mean nasty tonged power eaters, twitchy cockeyed bullies
    i am right behind you
    you will come with me to wonder the waste land
    among the thorns
    you can feel me now ,watching you
    you know who you are
    ill fly
    and root you out,burn your tongues from your nasty little mouthes
    whacked words are the beating harts of evil
    not some fallen angel,in far below hell
    but right in the mouths of men
    the poi send brains of crafty little parisights in suits and ties,turbans and robs yapping and yacking double spin talk
    politicing preaching fools
    your words will stumble now your suits of armor will become clown suits
    you will be seen for who you really are
    i am moving now, finding light and power,song and mystrie
    Ill take a thousand shapes i will be the child and the old woman
    the mist on the lake my eyes will burn with truth and compassion my words will be a raging wind across your mind
    All of you who welcome me
    know me, are of my family
    i will give you courage and peace
    the earth shakes and the sun boils
    the fires in the bowls of the planet spin faster
    I arrive all bloody and torn,every wicked thing done ,remembered
    the power of death on my brow
    i am yours now
    the early morning hours know the sleepless ones
    out on the winds of isolation and fear
    you will feel them
    the old photograph will fill your eye ,
    it will tell you stories you would deny
    It is absolutely beautiful thousand times ten, marching in quick step
    perfect timing
    the thundering sound echoing off the tall buildings the heavy leather boots,drumbing out the power
    the roar of the crowd,as wave after wave of brave young men march
    every one a mothers son you can not speak for the sound of the bombers
    flying low
    no one can stop us
    it is so beautiful
    the bayonets glint in the sun like a thousand stars,our power reaches to heaven
    the very ground trembles as they pass
    on the last day
    How do you send and spend all these young peoples lives?t
    they trust you and love you,and believe you
    they stand proud for you
    all of you
    on all sides
    men who set up the war rooms,and store rooms
    reasons and lies,all in equal measure
    no less
    let the killing begin
    How can you have so many mosks and churches?,temples and shrines
    mother mary and budda,side by side
    your swords and guns rattle like so many bones
    bombing vests hidden in your harts as you pray
    your devil laughs at you
    you do not pray,that is to listen,no you brag of your rightesness
    (i would be carefull if i were you)
    if you talked with the universe you would know beyond a question
    i am yours ,your mean little human idea
    dont blame the deep stary night and bright sunny day for your foolishness
    I am standing in your door with a box of truth
    you must open
    you have no choise
    i am in your world alive and real i am the very air you breath i can twitch and distort whole civilizations i come from beyond time,you will listen
    little men
    little killing gready selfish power hungry glint eyed devils
    Evry last one turns and looks behind
    you know if you see them
    I know you, and you will listen
    Its the hour of the dreaming
    the holly quiet hour before dawn
    the wind sends the sands streaming across the road,i can see it in the headlights
    we fly down the highway,racing before the sunrise can expose our dust
    the smell of the explosives is strong
    God is grate we will strike them quickly now
    we see the convoy,they are starting out
    Emell did his work well we will meet them at the crossing
    praise to god to day we will be in heaven
    i am now with my brother Arom in a sea of fire
    burning gasoline and oil,thundering clouds of black smoke and flames
    the air is full of bullets,the windows exploded in,i see the sun just on the edge
    it is done
    it is quiet save for the crackle of the fire every where
    and the sounds of the dying
    Your heavens gate won’t swing open any more
    the hinges are rusted with blood
    and the lock was shattered by a bomb
    the gate keeper fled
    he saw the angry mob with bloody hands clambering to get in dragging the burnt dismembered corps their trophy of hate behind them..
    they all want into walk the road of justification
    the road is paved with words,thousands apron thousands of words
    in every script ,i have read them all
    i do not find love among them
    now you will be left to read them all,when you find love you will be free
    the light makes a tunnel through the mountain of darkness
    the royal 303 Enfield round makes a tunnel through the skull and brain of Gandies salt maker they stood with out moving they are here to tell you now
    you do not need to kill to overcome the royal 303 Enfield did not save the empire
    your guns and bombs and pentagons won’t save you now
    your exploding vests are only sadness and loss
    some ones beloved father
    mangled in the bleeding air
    Oh Demaskas ,smell the death of ages
    put away your swords
    God loves mercy above all else
    who ?poisons the well of life
    now I will take the children away from this endless misery of killing
    i take the poet and the singer
    the lovers,
    all the quiet peaceful and kind are in my eyes
    i know them ,you will leave them
    you will be driven from them
    every mother will send you out
    every lover make you decide
    guns or love,you can not have both
    no child should be burned alive in his mothers arms ,caught in the cross fire of fools
    The deep dark eyes of the horses always calmed me
    as a child i would go to the stables to be among them
    powerful and beautiful,trained for war
    steady and calm under fire the sound of cannon and screaming shells don’t stop the head long charge
    the machine guns rattle .they stumble headlong as the slugs rip into them
    legs and harts shatterd
    the cries of these noble beasts join in with the ecos of death of other thousands
    down through time
    they thunder past me ,shattered ghastly specters..
    the nightmare you have made there love and trust bet raid by lance and shot
    wild eyed they try to stand and do your twisted will
    their innicence will sing to you in the wind
    you will feel this sadness in your bones
    The authorities decided to declare war,they talked it over
    sat down and wrote it out
    the senators voted
    to send hell a gift of justification
    an expensive gift
    the money pours into the fiery pit of destruction
    instead of education,medicine,homes, comfort for the old,food ,for the hungry
    We get death and misery
    I am standing beside you as you sign the papers
    you give them your allegiance
    you do not know as to the misery you embrace
    your very breath is theirs
    the age old deception of final victory
    It is not grace that reduces ideas and conviction to the force of arms
    it is the ugly nature of dominating men
    who are allowed power by subservient woman
    who cry out when the men and boys march off to distruction
    Oh mothers you now have the courage and power
    the understanding alive in your minds and harts
    clasp hands across the burning sands,high mountains and deep seas
    in the cities and towns, out in the wild places
    Know the time has come
    to stand together o shout together ,to weep together
    Tell the brute
    You can not have our children for your horrid sport! of blood shed and destruction
    If they are not killed ,they kill
    scattering death and hate like seeds in an evil wind
    I am you ,daughters of light
    take the world back
    Good kind peaceful men
    true men
    fathers who protect all children and elderly
    respect all life
    men with quiet eye sand sweet music in there minds
    men who plant and harvest, give the earth tender care
    these men
    are yours ,they will join you to sing in a new reality
    it is yours now
    So often the day has drawn closed with only more sadness and death
    who needs this sad world to keep spinning?
    some one gains some power
    What is this power?
    do they think they can wrestle it from God?
    perhaps shine for ever?
    So you wish to force your way,your religion your sad demands of hate and exclusion on the rest of us
    it can not be done
    who told you?
    they knew the mind of creation?
    are you so sure about that>?The creator of the universe?
    the whole thing?you know what creation wants?
    to wage war? come on people …really?you are willing , ready and able
    you not creation
    but you and your little spitting clutching leader
    low class demonic harmonics of hate
    energy suckers
    parisights in a fit of of destruction distorted ego fanatic junkies
    You will not continue to bring the world into conflict
    don’t allow guns in the house,don’t allow them in your temples or your schools hospitals,collages
    harts and minds
    dont buid land mines
    don’t build bombs
    explain that it is sad hart breaking work
    it leads to the death and wounding of the innocent and unsuspecting
    simply give these tasks back to the oblivion from wich they came

    some one, every one
    turn away from bloody money
    there are so many things armies can do,besides wage war
    wage peace#
    rebuild villages ,schools roads bridges hope
    and hospitals
    solve a thousand thousand small problems
    educate and love the orphans,don’t make more
    Build homes and dig wells
    so many good things to do ,dance in the village ,rejoice love ….peace
    You must open your eyes to see ,you must have courage you must learn the power of love
    it is here ,it is alive ,it is real
    all of you
    every day people
    you must agree,around the world,now
    you can
    and you can one on one or two and three thousand jump and shout sing …peace
    as a flood grows from so many rain drops
    the streams and rivers fill, be a thousand voices
    find a thousand ways
    make bombs that just stink
    narcotic bullets that just induce sleep
    use nonviolent force ,take the hate and put it away
    bring your solders home
    put away your jehad
    you know sin when you see it
    let people be just and kind
    understand mental illness and protect those who suffer
    use your science to make the barren places green,the sun will give you all you need
    I am deep and real,peace can and will be done
    no, don’t even think to quiet this storm i bring
    it is a rampage ,a rampage on the waters
    twisting and turning among the waves of conflects
    your time is at an end
    you would settle this matter if you could but kill it
    it won’t be killed
    it is alive
    Ill give you the thunder and the light,you will see this ,once and for all
    War is foolishness
    gather your selves to run to desolate places and engage in combat with stones you
    bloody fools
    for your spirits you have the souls of the lost
    leave us
    I am done,you will be gone
    one on one
    one and all
    all be gone(three times)
    say it, pray it
    I know you don’t need me now you have things to do
    money to be made elections to be won
    wars to wage
    You do not need the voice of fire burning up your lies
    reasons for the death and distraction you use
    to be who you are
    stand down and know,i am at you
    you do not need me to free your slaves of ideology and fear
    you do not need me to free your woman and children from hunger and fear
    but i will
    You laugh and snort at this
    check your back door
    your attic
    your celler
    your mind is unsure,you are mine
    your greed and meanness will eat at you until there are only bones and those bones will be mine
    to feed the trees and flowers
    such sweet children will spring from the union of lovers
    one and all children of peace and love
    gather now the winds of change and understand the power that stands before you
    listen and follow
    you will not be alone ,but you may feel completely alone
    your voice will ring in the mid night and at sunrise
    you will be heard
    it will be thunder in the ears of the children of the new age
    they will move
    I am at best a mystery,at worst forgotten
    i am as real as the rain and pain of a dying lad
    in the royal gard,with abullet in the gut
    for Gods sake
    GET IT
    TO build a lasting peace
    know your enemy needs peace also
    know his children deserve peace also
    at least agree you are enimes and want to kill each other
    But should not subject each others families to this nonsense
    at least stop spilling blood
    shout and spit,but do it at a safe distance
    give the day to peace,give the day to quiet reconciliation
    at least ,very least ,still the words of hate and dreams of bloody revenge ,thy are poisen
    a hart consumed with revenge and hate has no room for love
    only love brings life
    give the day to the children,young and very old the lovers and dancers ,music makers and cooks


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