Bernie Sanders for World Peace

“I think there may be some symbolism here, I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace, No More Wars!”

I posted a week ago, how I supported Bernie Sanders, despite not wanting this site to be political. I don’t think I have felt this strong about wanting to see a US presidential candidate win. I have viewed them all as bought and paid for by big business, and yes that includes Hilary Clinton. While yes, it would be good to see a female president, I think what Bernie Sanders represents is a far far bigger revolution. I think he represents a step in the right direction of taking back control of America from big business and putting it in the hands of the people.

I dont think that bird would have come so close to him if it sensed rage or hostility. Bernie Sanders is a man of peace. If you look at the following video which dates all the way back to 1985, at the 5:00 minute mark,  they mention how he is anti nuclear, before they focus on his mug, with the world peace sign on it. He is the real deal, so if you haven’t already voted, please go out and vote and encourage the support of your friends.

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  1. KaRi from Long Beach and now South LA

    Please ask EVERYONE you know to write WORLD PEACE on the sidewalk with Chalk. I’d put the dot COM on the end with your permission if it featured a Message Board about WORLD PEACE, keeping the site as you have it now under Founder’s Blog. I suggested to World Peace Foundation (focus = Sudan) to contact you about spreading the phrase Everywhere easily. I can’t do this alone:. KaRi from (a BIG sounding website mostly about Long Beach, CA 562-804-5625). BTW, I had you in mind when I wrote my last post on FB. Got Chalk?


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