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I just wanted to post a quick update. While I have not posted in a while, this site is a big part of me and what I want to do in life. So while it may appear as though no progress is  being made, each day I am learning.

I do read every single post, one post requested a forum to be added to the site. I did have a forum on the website in the past and it was 99% spam, it was eventually removed. I do have experience running forums and building communities,  I started a forum which is not related to world peace, but has over 50,000 members, so when I am ready, a forum will definitely be added to the site.

A fair criticism was that the site was just a founders blog. That is a fair comment, but there have been so many sites and groups about world peace, and none of them have made much of a difference, the world still continues to go to war with each other. It is not about looking at these conflicts, or protesting about these conflicts, my steadfast goal is that the site should be about helping people achieve peace in their life, and helping them unite in friendship, nothing more. I believe if done on a large enough scale over a long enough time, world peace will be a natural result. Of course, uniting people will require a forum at some point in the future. However my main goal is to finish my book and lay down the foundation for the future of the group. Is that me being selfish, perhaps, but I am determined for the site to be different from what has been done in the past.

I am under no illusions of bringing about world peace in my lifetime, but I do want to plant the seeds of peace and start a small group. This is not possible unless I write the book which clearly details the mission and purpose of the site, so that people can decide for themselves if it is something they want to be a part of.

I want to help people towards self realisation and understanding who they really are. I want to help lift the veil of delusion and conditioning. The same delusion that has lead to so many wars. I want to bring people together in friendship.  Protesting, petitions, all those things, they have been done so many times in the past, perhaps it is time for a different approach. So to all my dear friends who may have been frustrated by the lack of progress, but have stayed with me nonetheless, I thank you. If you would like to be my friend or even just to say nothing more than hello, please use the contact form and send me an email. I will reply.

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  1. Kevin Panik

    Nice. that url will do some good I am sure someday. Me and 2 other Engineers are combining off-earth colonization thinking, coupled with modular housing/living (to give solid housing to underserved population(s). And education. We all must stick together as I believe the same I am under no illusion of World Peace in my lifetime….but that won’t stop me from trying.

  2. U.Satyanarayana

    in international community we have been hearing about violence in syria, Iraq and Iron , Palasteena, Afghanisthan and in other places, who will head to go with strong leadersship to establish peace and security to the human being in universe, every body wants peace on paper, but no stringent actions have been taken up, it is mandatory to establish a proper place in each continent with financial assistance of nations, and assemble together and conduct works in all problamatic areas in universe to make peace in the minds of affected people, then we will acheive a drop of progress in establishing peace

  3. Miguel

    hello ian i hope we could talk more about this subject, my name is miguel, nice to meet you. contact me about this story its 301-276-5737


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