Command and Control documentary

I watched this documentary today, and all I can say is that it is definitely Chilling. I am so glad we do not have nuclear weapons in Australia. These nuclear weapons are capable of catastrophic destruction, and the sequence of events which unfolds in this real life documentary are disturbing to say the least. A nuclear weapon is a machine, and all machines fail at some point, it is only a matter of when. The fact that we have averted a major catastrophe so far is just sheer luck. The most disturbing part of the documentary is when they talk about the first atomic bomb ever detonated. They said they just did not know what would happen, they said there was a risk that the atmosphere could have caught on fire and in some sort of chain reaction destroyed all life on earth, and yet knowing this was a possibility, they went ahead and detonated it anyway.
Something has to change, this madness can simply no longer continue.
I have added the trailer below, I watched the documentary on Netflix, but it is also available on youtube, if you do a search, I highly recommend that you watch it.

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  1. mamuda moh'd

    Even me too i am a fan of worldpeace, despite it take two to three days befor i visit the wepside. Sincerely as my colligue said the world is becoming more dangerous, then what shell we do in other to minimize this conflict, we must abstained from prohibition and dedicated on notprohibition, truth and homoney among people and avoid corroption,cheating, ignorance and other increamination befor can enhence peace in the world. Allah saiys he is going to test us base on our deed and acts. So if we are complaining now what will happen to our up bringing children in the nest coming future.


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