Inside Job Documentary

I saw this documentary a few nights back. Wow, this documentary which was made back in 2010 is a real eye opener. It talks about the greed which lead to the financial meltdown in 2008. It was disgusting how these well known investment banks were recommending their clients to buy stocks during the dot com boom which they openly knew were rubbish, simply because they earned a commission from promoting them. What was worse, is the way these directors of these big firms recklessly and knowingly drove these firms to financial ruin all in the name of their personal greed. And they walked away with millions of dollars, while the hard working average taxpayer was left to pay for and fix the mess that they created. Not to mention the millions of hard working people who lost their homes and savings. Now whether it is the global financial crisis or global warming or the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, there seems to be one recurring theme throughout all of these problems. And that is corporate America seems to be running the country and doing whatever the hell they like. It is natural to blame these greedy corporations. I do not blame them entirely. It is easy to blame the government for making some terrible decisions. I do not blame them entirely. At the end of the day, the real power comes from the people, from you and I. When the mainstream population sits back apathetically and let these corporations and politicians do whatever they want, ultimately they must share some of the blame. If you are reading this post, I guess you are not to personally blame, because you are thinking about the problem and have taken an interest, which is always a good thing. Watching this documentary, you get an appreciation for what the Occupy Wall St movement is about. I should also mention that this documentary is narrated by Matt Damon, one of the high profile actors/activists who I have a lot of respect for.
Inside Job

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    Dear Brother, I am very proud of you. Realy I felt happy. All your dreams will come true one day. Please wait.

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    Dear Sardar,
    I am very proud to say that you are more than my brother. All your dream will come true one day. Wait untill that time.
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