World Peace Statistics and About Page

I just spent well over an hour trying to add some statistics to this site. It was a rather simple task, it was just that every thing I tried seemed to not work. Anyhow, we now have site statistics, and I am hoping that might motivate me a little, to stop being so lazy and post more often.

1 contributors have published
20 posts that generated

I also added a favicon image, so you should see a little peace sign in the address bar when you visit the site, I know it is an extremely small thing, but I noticed it was missing, so it is good to add it back on.

And most importantly, I added an about page at That is long overdue and at least provides some guidance on what this site is about, although it is only a brief guide.

2 Replies to “World Peace Statistics and About Page”

  1. Petr nwaeke

    Waoow this is an opportunity i av been waiting for,i have always wanted to work toward peace in my country and the world.How can i assist with my quarter toward achieving this goal.07084994155

  2. kennedy

    world peace will be a mirage unless we refocus peace moves/initiatives to families all over the globe which is what we have set out to do at FAMILY PEACE INITIATIVE.peace in the world can be possible when we start canvassing for peace in families so lets form a synergy and partners in this cause by sharing ideas and knowledge on this elusive subject


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