International Peace Day 2021

Today marks International Peace Day for 2021

How many years has it been since the end of World War 2, a little over 75 years, and while there was the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, I would say in my lifetime, I don’t think we have been closer to a third world war. We were supposed to have learned our lesson from World War 2, these atrocities were meant to never occur again, and yet here we are in 2021, closer to a World War 3 than we have ever been.

I have always said that if a war broke out, it would be between USA and China over Taiwan. And inevitably other countries would also get drawn into the conflict. It is the scenario that plays out in the year 2000 version of the nuclear holocaust movie “On the beach”. In the movie, somebody says, we knew this could happen, why didn’t we do anything about it. I don’t think time is on our side. I see democratic countries like USA and the EU countries putting dollars above all else, above democracy, above freedom, above human decency.

I am optimistic that a nuclear third world war can be averted but the answer to this problem is not an easy one. A laser like focus is required, volunteers are required.

So many trillions of dollars spent on weapons around the world, but what money is allocated to people who are trying to promote world peace, yes nothing, not a cent.

I just finished watching this 60 minutes Australia news story. Rather chilling, and when mainstream media starts discussing a potential global conflict, it’s time people started paying attention. If anybody has some comments on this discussion, please type them in the comments section.

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