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I am not American, nor do I support one political party over another, but I genuinely wish both Donald Trump and his wife Melania a speedy and full recovery. This truly is an insidious disease. He was right in saying that the CCP was lying about how deadly it was, stopping the spread within its own country and yet exporting it around the world, criticising those who decided to close their borders and trying to brand them as racist.

I was a critic of Donald Trump at the start of his presidency, but I respect democracy, and I think to an extent, one has to accept the leader that has been chosen during that term. Has he made mistakes, of course he has. Human life should always be placed above the economy and dollars. The economy will bounce back and eventually grow to be stronger than ever, but those more than a million lives lost the around the globe are gone forever. He should have let the medical experts like Dr Fauci set the course on tackling the pandemic. He should have asked for help from minds much smarter than himself, like Bill Gates to help on the advisory committee, I am sure he would have assisted with some good sound advice. But he let his ego get in the way and absolutely he has made some bad decisions. There is no recovery for those who have died. Being a president or prime minister of any country during this pandemic is not a task I envy,

Whilst I disagree with some of his policies, I think Donald Trump is a decent person, I believe he is trying to do what he thinks is the best thing for the country. Of course like any politician he does also pander to some groups and does things that are clearly not in the best interests of the country, One area where he is spot on the money about is “Fake News” I learn not to trust the news, they simply do not care for the truth, they are just interested in sensationalism and grabbing headlines. Also many of the big media networks are backed by big corporate interests and are merely instruments of those corporate sponsors.

He really should step aside and let Mike Pence take over and relax and focus on recovering from this disease. At age 74, he is in a high risk category, he doesn’t need the added stress of dealing with the presidency and I am sure people will understand. The japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe stepped down from the top job due to health concerns, there is no shame in stepping down for a few weeks to recover. And to the people saying hateful things at a time like this, now is not the time for that.

Get well soon @therealdonaldrump

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