Jody Williams, A realistic vision for world peace

This is an interesting talk from 2o10 by Jody Williams who won a Nobel Peace Prize for her work to eradicate landmines.


I do not agree with her comments early on in the video where she discusses what world peace really means. She argues that it is not personal serenity, but justice and equality. I firmly believe that World Peace will become a natural by product of people around the world finding Inner Peace in their lives. And although this may sound harsh, although justice is important, I do not think World Peace is dependant on equality and enough people having enough resources to live dignified lives. I think the sad truth is that resources are finite and limited, yet certain countries act irresponsibly in terms of population growth. I don’t think you can have limited resources or have land which is not suitable for food production and have a high population and expect equality. Yes I do think there are some unfair corporate practices which have lead to some countries being exploited and I think those issues need to be addressed. But if a country acts irresponsibly in terms of population control, then it must be prepared to suffer the consequences. Not living within the means of what the country you live in can provide, and trying to seek an equality of lifestyle with what other countries have, is what some wars have been fought over.  How many wars have we seen over oil and other natural resources.

I do however agree with her latter comments on the need for action, and that if enough of us got off our butts and volunteered as much time as we could, we would change this world, we would save this world.


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  1. songhai

    perhaps western countries are acting irresponsibly we have a smaller population but consume far more than most of africa and asi

  2. Mallie Babineaux

    I absolutely love that last sentence…its a fact and I agree 100%. People have become so quick to speak and make excuses but where’s the action taking place? where’s the progress being made? more volunteers= hope & happiness


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