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I received an email from Maurice who suggested I add a Facebook Like Button to the page.
When I added the Like Button, looks as though this site already had 117 Likes. Can we possibly get that number to 1,000?
Only time will tell. Thank you Maurice for sending me the email. Yes, sometimes I may take a little time to respond, but I do read all emails.

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  1. Maurice

    Yes! I like! Let’s get it to 7,000,000,000. Let’s worry about that ‘one giant leap for mankind’ instead of war. Mankind can only live on if it secures it’s future. One comet and we’re all gone! And we’re so close to being able to make sure that doesn’t happen to our species. It took 6 million years to get us to this point…



  2. ian Post author

    Thats one of the reasons I am so passionate about astronomy and why I find it sad that the NASA space program seems to have been given less of a priority. World Peace is important, but just as important is being able to avert another comet, which is not really a question of if, but when.

  3. ian Post author

    It looks like the facebook like button is working, the likes have increased which is great. One person reported a problem that it did not work for them. If anybody else experiences a problem, can you please let me know. Thanks.

  4. Emily AC

    I have a PLAN to achieve world piece. This is my documentary on it:

    My movement has already started and signed a contract of happiness. This is what the documentary covers. My web site has a blog and rules to play the game that can actually LEAD to world peace with enough players.

    Please encourage your followers to play my game… app in development. Please watch my film! Thank you so much for being there for peace!!!

  5. ian Post author

    I watched your video Emily and took a look at your blog, I may not agree with some of your ideas, but you did a really good job of producing the video. And your enthusiasm and passion for peace is wonderful to see, keep up the good work!

  6. Michael Valentine


    I thought I would introduce myself as you have the domain name that would be perfect for the platform I have in mind.

    My Google+ communities are growing extremely fast.

    My larger one has over 2500 members.

    However, the “World Peace – Power to the people” offers a solution to the problems of war and government greed in the world.

    I hope we can collaborate and build a platform that will bring about the future we all hope to see and visualize.

    Take a moment to read my community description and if it’s something you’d like to collaborate on, I have a blueprint I think you might love.

    Warm Regards,

    Michael Valentine

    • KaRi

      Anything come to fruition?

      I’ve been following this site since Randy from the East Coast had it to the college student on the west coast. And now the current owner.

      Sure wish the old message board was up where people from around the world brainstormed about world peace and rebuilding the towers right after 9/11.



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