USA the most peace loving country?

I thought I would take a look at the newsletter subscribers, keep in mind there are not many subscribers to the mailing list.
But I was interested in seeing if I could get an idea of what countries have the most number of people who share a passion for world peace.
Now of course, the data is too small to draw any conclusions, after all there are only currently 30 subscribers to the newsletter, but the USA accounts for 13 of those 30 subscribers, so I would have to say at this stage, most of the people who visit who are passionate enough about peace to sign up for the newsletter, seem to be from the USA.
The link to the newsletter is here Oh and I promise I have not and never will spam anyone. It is only used to contact members for something important, never more than once a month, and more likely once a year at most.

5 Replies to “USA the most peace loving country?”

  1. Wes Rogers

    World Peace? Even when we name ourselves World Peace… we struggle to do it. It is at once our greatest human aspiration and over and over again, our greatest human failure. Most are amused by the irony of a basketball player named World Peace being suspended from the game for the delivery of a vicious elbow to the head of an opponent. The true irony… is in how it reflects our uncivilized selves. We humans. Emotions can get to the best of us, causing all kinds of behavior we usually regret.
    World peace is more that an end to war and crime. Can’t have peace at home or in the community, without respect for others and responsibility for self. Peace begins with you. Share these values with everyone you know and maybe one day we’ll see… world peace. Go to for a great social statement t-shirt. World Peace t-shirt profits fund social values lessons for youth in public schools.

  2. s hariparsad

    Your country should be the last to comment on world peace. The west has been responsible for disruping the world. Now that u gus are bankrupt. Emerging economies. China rules the roost. When they are finished india might take over with the destruction. Yet we all have one enemy in common and that is global Warming. We should all embrace each other. Destroy economys and embrace divine mother earth and worship the lord sun who will eventually be the answer to our survivalm

  3. Pierretoronto

    If US is the most Peace loving country, whose the worst one? Who killed so many people in the world since Vietnam? US

  4. sam Rice

    The vast majority of the worlds population don’t have access to the internet. A huge proportion of the world population doesn’t even have electricity and an even larger proportion is illiterate. That doesn’t mean they don’t wish for world peace but it does mean that they will not be counted in any such survey as you are attempting. It is common knowledge that the US dominates the internet. Any web search always brings up far more US results than others. Why? Because the US has a large population with access to money, education, electricity and computers. The internet is biased. If you want to know who feels most passionately about peace or who has the best understanding of what peace really means you need to hit the road! Visit families in Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Russia, Zimbabwe, Mali, Cuba, North Korea, Turkmenistan, China as well as America. You will find that everywhere most people want peace. And everywhere you will find some people who think that the road to peace is through the oppression or extermination of others.


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