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If you have a site which in some way is related to World Peace and would like to be features on our links page at please place a link to on your website and then use the contact form at and provide the following information

1. The URL where you have linked to the website

2. Your site name

3. Your site URL

4. A brief description of your site in no more than 140 characters.

5. The country that you currently live in. (I plan on grouping the links by country)

Please note that I will only link to sites which are related somehow to World Peace, and or one of the following areas which the site focuses on, that is Peace, Love, Nature and Unity. Also a number of people contact me wanting their site featured here in the form of a blog post, I will be giving preference to those who have taken the time to link back to going in to the future.

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  1. ujjaneni satyanarayana

    Now the present world is facing hazardous violence in all levels, such type of violence shall be disappeared, even though it is impossible but it may possible if the great personalities and responsible citizens shall try unite, the clouds may be evaporated, the universe will enjoy harmoniously, so the common wealth nations and non-aliegn nations shall try unitedly to prevail peace and security in the world, then create economic equality to maintain standard living by universal human being whole heartedly.
    Thanking you.
    Ujjaneni Satyanarayana, M.A.B.L.,Advocate & social activist, 45-58-8/3, Narasimhanagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

  2. Erin

    This website is cool(just found it tonight july 2015) i believe world paece will happen on the earth. The bible (and other Holy manuscripts) tells us how this will happen & in the mean time humans have the ability (myself a healer through energy work) & many asume it to be a responsibility) to raise the consciousness of the human race through meditation & acts of kindness. In the U.S. we have priveledge to address our government & raise our voices against antiquated systems of institutionalized opression. Peace is knowing God is with us!


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