One Day of War in Iraq

This video shows all of the things that could be done with the money spent from just one day of the war in Iraq, estimated to be about $720 million. I do not know how accurate those figures are, and how current they are, but there can be no denying that an insane amount of money is being spent in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The thing is, people are getting rich of these wars. There are corporations that stand to profit from war and no doubt beat the drums of war. And these corporations make political donations. You can draw the rest from there. All I can say. when I see the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, where once I thought there was apathy, I see people who understand what is really happening, and how we need to take back our future from these corporations.  I see hope!

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  1. Eros

    This is one sided review, you also have to take a few more things into account.
    The value of low cost energy, money being spent on american items by soldeirs who are fighting in the war.
    Real training these soldiers recieve in real combat which harden them and increase their value in case of other war collusion.,
    Increase the value of us protection and its role in the world.
    Influence over iraq. american oil companies being able to make money in this region.
    iraqies being able to buy american products increase the export in the us.

    As for afghanistan. in order to be able to allow cheap force labor into the us you have to fight the terror organization there. if not you will have to close your borders. That was just my two cents

  2. Marek Zielinski

    A Waste Of Energy

    There is an industry of wasted energy dedicated to war. This energy can be re-distributed through the means of global disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration to unity between all nations by redirecting it towards dialogue based processes in mutual education and campaigning the awareness of the establishment of the civil society here on our Mother Earth Planet.

    Taken from About Peace 365 at:


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