Peace Day September 21, 2015

Forrest Whitaker is an actor who I like a lot. I was surprised to see him do a video for peace day 2015 in which he recites a speech by Martin Luther King. I thought the words towards the end of the Martin Luther King speech were quite powerful, “it is no longer a choice between violence and non violence in this world, its non violence or non existence”

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  1. Jerry Townsend

    Magnificent! Thank you Forrest! He is so on target, in my opinion. I pray that more people will join this movement. A wonderful start is by reading Will Tuttle, PhD book: The World Peace Diet.

  2. Jeremy Old

    Its fantastic to find someone who is doing something to help world peace. Please look at what we are trying to achieve for the Middle East. We are running a petition calling on three world leaders to help us send a peace group of meditators to the Middle East. Although generally unknown, this powerful technique has worked on many occasions in the past and is even backed up by scientific research that proves it works. It is a crying shame that governments do not take this idea seriously. Please help us by signing the online petition.


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