Robin Gibb

The Bee Gee’s were and still are one of my favourite bands. They had the voices of angels and their harmony, well you just dont see that in modern day bands, like you did with the brothers Gibb.
The soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever was when I first became a Bee Gees fan. They got their first start in music here in Sydney Australia.
I was listening to a radio tribute when Robin passed away, I am not sure which of the Bee Gee’s were speaking and at what period of time when it was recorded. But one of the Gibb brothers was talking about how if they could do anything in life, it was always music. And even if you live to a hundred years, that really is not a very long time, you really need to be doing what you love.
It really was inspirational, unfortunately I could not find any details or a video of that speech, if anybody does, please post in the comments below or send me an email.
What are you most passionate about in life? Are you doing it now? Please comment below.
For me personally, I am most passionate about peace and nature. I also love anything to do with astronomy, and the answer to the question that I posed, is for the most part NO. While I do spend some time focussing on those areas which I love, it is nowhere near enough time. I guess I am bound too much by the shackles of expectations, however I do plan on breaking free and finding more time for this site and the book I am writing.

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