The World is more dangerous

The World definitely feels as though it is heading towards more dangerous times. China fighting over borders with India, China fighting with just about all of its asian neighbour through its nine-dash and building artificial reefs and military airfields. China vs citizens of Hong Kong, China wanting to take back Taiwan. Just to be clear, I love the people of China and its culture, And to be fair, anything they are currently doing has been done by both England and USA, in some part they seem to be copying moves from their playbook. If history is shown anything, when a new superpower (in this case China) goes up against a waning superpower (USA) war erupts.

We have seen lots of small conflicts around the globe, but we have enjoyed relative peace, because for the most part these conflicts have not been between superpowers. But if a war breaks out between two nuclear countries, like India and China or USA and China, things could get worse very fast. The last time we had a major worldwide pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1917. We grew complacent, despite the warnings from people like Bill Gates, nobody thought it would happen and nobody was adequately prepared for it. The same goes for War, the last World War ended in 1945 and we have grown complacent, many people believe it will never happen. Likewise Bill Gates good friend Warren Buffet has spoken on a few occasions about the threat of nuclear war. These two are some of the most brilliant minds alive on the planet today. I think the world would be foolish to not listen to them.

I was listening to a Sky News article and a professor was saying if there is any conflict between India and China, it would only take around 10 to 15 nuclear weapons to be detonated before the world sees a nuclear winter like what Carl Sagan warned the world about. Quite simply a war between nuclear countries cannot be won. The whole planet loses and will suffer from the nuclear fallout.

You can see countries preparing for war and increasing military spending. But who is preparing for peace. That is where we come in. Like minded people dedicated to peace within themselves and spreading that message of peace across the globe. If we for a a large enough group in various countries, and if we lobby governments to commit to a series of guidelines which will lead to a more peaceful world, as a group we can collectively lobby and cast our vote to make a difference. But that is just one small part of a multi faceted approach. At the heart will be a dedicated effort to build a group of people who live in a peaceful way. A good part of my life has been a search for truth, and I have tried to find peace in my life, knowing that once that was fulfilled, I would try and help others. Many of you may have seen this site over the years and been disappointed by my lack of effort, but I had to do what had to be done. A person at peace, can simply not take part in war. These leaders of countries are deluded people, who are too self absorbed in their own egos, and it is this ignorance that drags us all closer to war. To anyone who has seen the movie “On the beach” there is one scene, where Ava Gardner who plays Moira says

Moira Davidson All I want to know is: if everybody was so smart, why didn’t they know what would happen?

Dwight Towers They did.

Moira Davidson Well, I – I can’t take it. I – oh, yes, I can take it! But, it’s unfair. It’s unfair because I didn’t do anything. And nobody I know did anything.

I wont be among those who didn’t do anything, how about you?

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