Seven Years in Tibet

I recently re-watched the movie Seven Years in Tibet, which I originally saw around the time of its original release in 1997. With the exception of Richard Gere, you don’t see too many hollywood celebrities speak out about what happened in Tibet. They are probably all afraid of being blacklisted in China or their hollywood studios know that any movie they appeared in would be banned through China which is a large market for box office sales.

But, I don’t care about any of that. The world needs to be reminded about the Tibetan cause and the illegal occupation of Tibet. I am not buddhist or a member of any religion for that matter, but the Buddhist philosophy is a peaceful one, and it is shameful that the world sits by and watch evil triumph over peace. There is nothing really communist about the CCP, it is essentially a dictatorship where the elite get very very rich. And modern day dictatorships should be banished in the same way as human slavery. In my opinion a proper functioning democracy is essential to world peace. So as countries sat by and did not want to offend China in the name of corporate profits, they let the aggression run free, and now we have a situation where CCP is terrorising its asian neighbours on many fronts.

As mentioned in a previous post, about the movie On the Beach, China invaliding Taiwan, and USA intervening is the situation that leads to a nuclear holocaust. That scenario was posed back in the year 2000, but 20 years later we seem to be edging closer to it. The corona virus has lead to the death of nearly a million people, that number would probably pale in comparison to a situation if war broke out.

But it all seems too hard of a problem, what can I do about it, you can start by joining a peace organisation, there are many about. We are but one. Or next time you pick up something to buy, or add something to your Amazon or online shopping cart, look at where it is made. If it is made in China, do not buy it, do not help fund the military regime that is showing so much aggression.

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  1. Sue Chehrenegar

    I encourage you to keep writing about this injustice. I have been writing about the injustice to Iranian Baha’is since 1987. I found that I got the most publicity by linking my plea to some piece of news.

  2. ian Post author

    Hi Sue
    Thanks for the advice. I did take a look at some videos about Baha’i and their treatment in Iran. While democracy is am important aspect for world peace, freedom of religion/faith/belief etc should definitely be up their as well.


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