Global Meditation for Syria

As previously mentioned, I am not associated with the global meditation for Syria, but I will be joining in on the meditation with many others. A number of people have contacted me requesting the time of the meditation in their country. I thought I would post some timings for a few countries that are popular on this site. It is meant to last ten to fifteen minutes according to the organiser James Twyman.

Australia (Sydney)  February 2 at 2:00am

Australia (Perth) February 1 at 11:00pm

Belgium  February 1 at 4:00pm

Canada (Ontario) February 1 at 10:00am

Germany February 1 at 4:00pm

India February 1 at 8:30pm

Netherlands  February 1 at 4:00pm

Spain February 1 at 4:00pm

Sweden February 1 at 4:00pm

Switzerland February 1 at 4:00pm

United Kingdom February 1 at 3:00ppm

USA (California) February 1 at 7:00am

USA (New York) February 1 at 10:00am

Global meditation for Syria on Feb 1st

A few people have contacted me about the global meditation for Syria on 1st February 2016. While I am a strong supporter of global meditation and have mentioned a desire to one day develop an app which enables peace loving people from all across the world to unite in friendship and meditation, I am not in any way associated with the global. Meditation for Syria on Feb 1st. I am simply not a supporter of faith based religions
I am for religion, but it must be based in truth and knowing, sadly many of the world’s religions are based on fairytale and superstition.
A lot of bad things have been said about ISIS in the media and there are terrible things being done,  I am not in disagreeance with that and in no way condoning what is happening there. But  I would encourage you to look inwards at what is happening in your own country. There is a silent evil in the form of oil and gas companies who pay our politicians to keep us dependant on oil, and in my opinion must be encouraging these politicians to interfere in the middle east region.  America has turned a blind eye to atrocities in other parts of the world,  where oil was not involved. It has been interfering with these countries and trying to control their leaders and the oil for a long time. Most people have been oblivious to that fact, but now that we are seeing Russia and also China getting involved in Syria, many might sense that their motives are not noble and in the interests of peace. We can see that it may be a case of some rich and powerful corporations wanting to profit from the oil in that region. We now get a clearer understanding of what the motivation for America’s involvement in this region has been all along.
All we need is for some military accident to happen in Syria between USA, Russia or China, and we could potentially have a nuclear catastrophe on our hands. While all the focus is on the danger of ISIS, few fully understand what this conflict could escalate in to, it could turn in to a battle between nuclear superpowers to control the oil. That is the way war started in the 1984 British movie “Threads”
And for what purpose, the sun gives us far more energy than we could possibly need. President Obama is doing good things to try and see us switch to renewable energy, and meanwhile the republicans who are funded by oil and gas companies, are strongly denying the cold hard scientific facts of climate change, and just like under President George Bush’s rule, I sense they would go to war in an instant over oil. I initially promised not to get involved in politics when I launched this site, but there is a stark contrast between the democrats and the republicans. And the Republican party in my opinion would spell disaster for peace around the world.
I hope this global medication on feb 1st does work. I think it is possible that global meditation can make a difference in the world, however I also think you cannot solve a problem on the same level of consciousness that created the problem, that is, I don’t think you can use religion to solve a problem created by religion. The path to peace will not be a quick or easy one, and I think the best way for world peace to one day be achieved is for a small group of people to unite and plant the seeds of peace by simply creating a better way to live, to show the world by example rather than endless words on how peace and love and harmony can be created on a small scale. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please take a minute to join

Peace Day September 21, 2015

Forrest Whitaker is an actor who I like a lot. I was surprised to see him do a video for peace day 2015 in which he recites a speech by Martin Luther King. I thought the words towards the end of the Martin Luther King speech were quite powerful, “it is no longer a choice between violence and non violence in this world, its non violence or non existence”

Creating a more peaceful world

There are many ideas on how to achieve world peace, there are many groups, much has been written about the subject. I feel convinced that if the world is to become more peaceful, then things need to move beyond words and ideas. I believe that a small group of people who feel passionate about the topic need to group together and build a better world on a small scale. I am talking maybe 100 people at most. Are there are a hundred people around the world that feel so passionately about world peace.
I certainly hope so, as if the nightly news is any indication to go by, there are millions who eat sleep and breath war and violence.
And what is the point of saying things should be this way or that way. I feel that the seeds of peace need to be planted on a small scale, we need to show people that there is a better way. Just as a tiny seed blossoms into a huge tree, I feel that perhaps not in this lifetime, but in future generations, the movement can grow to become something great.
When I look at all the non sensical religions around the world, which I believe most have no basis in the truth, and yet have managed to grow to such huge proportions, Will it be really that hard to start a movement based on truth and peace and love and unity?
I could go the popular route, just like a lot of other peace groups, and I could get a lot of support, but I feel that to go mainstream would just be a superficial effort at most.
I would like to attempt to make an effort of connecting some of the people around the globe where world peace is more than just something they wear on a t-shirt or a facebook group that they like. I would like to appeal to a smaller group of people who feel that world peace is their mission in life.
I would like to one day have a small piece of land with a physical building, perhaps here in Australia or some other part of the world, where the seeds of world peace can be planted. I would like to move away from a virtual presence to a real world group.
I am still working on a book, but I just thought I would make a post here, because it has been a while. If anything on this blog even remotely interests you, please take a few seconds to sign up for our newsletter.

The future of

I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year for 2015. I think the new year is a good time to lay down a bit of a road map for the future of this website.
The approach is a little different from some other methods, but then maybe difference is a good thing. Considering the world is still experiencing wars in different regions, perhaps past methods have not worked too well. Looking at all the horrible atrocities that are happening in this world, I just think to some extent focusing on this negativity can be soul destroying. I want to focus on the more positive aspects of life.
Earlier this year, I tried to put together a bit of a mission statement for this site.
Anyone who has achieved a sense of inner peace in their life knows how great it is. From such a state, it is impossible to contemplate causing harm to another person.
Just as people with bad intents and selfish greedy motives have united to cause havoc in this world, I strongly believe that if the good peaceful people of this world united, world peace is the resulting product of that unity.
So, I would like the main focus of this website to be

“To help people find more peace in their life, and also provide a platform by which they can unite in friendship.”

Below is a an image which I think explains this statement

I have a few ideas on how to make that happen and plan to provide more details about that in the book that I am writing which I hope to finish by the end of 2015. I would like to invite other people who are passionate about peace to take a more active leadership role, but I think it is important to lay down some of the principles of the site, so that people can make a more informed decision about whether this is something they would like to participate in.

Going into 2016, if there are enough members on this site to justify it, I would like to work on an app to assist people with meditation and also help them network and make friends with other peace loving people around the world. I should point out that I am not religious, and when I say meditation, I am talking about a range of different neutral non religious guided meditations which people can use. I think it would be great to see what other peaceful people out there in the world are meditating with us, and also be able to make friends with them and interact with them. An added bonus would be if such a platform could also be used to to one day facilitate real world meet ups.
I realise that peaceful protests and lobbying government members is important, but there currently not many members of the site, and I would like to focus on those areas which I feel will have the most beneficial impact at this point in time.

The last post touched on the topic of whether world peace is possible, or simply out of reach. It is a common statement, I have received a number of emails over the years telling me that world peace will never happen. Not only do I believe that world peace is possible, I believe that it is inevitable. Keep in mind, that human slavery in America, the buying and selling of human beings was legal until about 1865 or thereabouts. During the period of slavery, if you had suggested that a person like Barack Obama could be the President of the United States, they would have probably told you that you were crazy and that it would never happen, but indeed it has happened. And the abhorrent act of buying and selling human slaves has ended. War is yet another insane abhorrent act, and its days will no doubt come to an end. Instead of being a naysayer, why not be one of the visionaries who believe that peace is possible and tries to tries to help steer the world a little closer to peace.

World Peace is not out of reach!

I read this article today by Diane Dimond titled “Sadly, world peace is out of reach” The articles starts off by saying don’t bother by wishing for world peace in the year ahead, it is never going to happen. Yes I would agree that we are unlikely to see World Peace in the year 2015, but I would never use the word never, when it comes to World Peace. The article makes some good points, but also ends with “I’d love for there to be world peace too. But, sadly, it’s never going to happen.”
I believe that bad incidents will always happen in the world. I think the vast majority of people in the world, are essentially good people, who just want to live a good peaceful life. But there are also people at either end of the spectrum, which represent a far smaller percentage, of both extraordinarily good people, and also extraordinarily bad people. I don’t think this will change, and isolated bad incidents will continue to appear on the nightly news, but it is important to not let your view of the world be tainted by these incidents as they are mostly carried out by a small number of people.
War is not an inevitable part of life, it will not always happen. Wars that occur do not represent the views or will of the majority of the people who find themselves caught up in them. Most people are good, and just want a nice place to live, good food, a job, somebody to love and to love them, the basic human needs.
War happens when bad people come into power, and good people people just watch and allow them to do the things they do. In part, apathy plays a part in why wars happen.
War would not be possible in a democratic country where the people ensured that their leaders carried out the will of the majority of the people. With modern technology, some of these major decisions, should go to an electronic poll, and the people should decide their future.
With the advent of nuclear weapons, to say that world peace is “never going to happen” is akin to conceding global suicide is inevitable. For it would only be a matter of time before war extended between two of the nine or so countries that have nuclear weapons. On the news tonight, I saw how Vladimir Putin had signed a military document that would enable Russia, to not just use nuclear weapons in retaliation, but to also use them “as part of strategic deterrent measures”. If that is in fact true, that is a rather concerning development.
The times are changing, please take a few seconds to join our small group, together we can lobby governments to ensure World Peace will eventually happen.

Peace Message from Space

The international space station is one of the most stunning displays of what is possible with international co-operation. It truly would be wonderful to see that degree of co-operation in dealing with some of the other problems that our planet faces. I think the astronauts final words below said things so well.

For only if we are together, if we think ourselves as one single humanity, as we can see clearly from space, we will be able to build a better future.

International Day of Peace 2014

Its International Day of Peace, and as a world peace blog, I feel obliged to post something positive about it. But I feel that would be fake, so instead I will just write about how I feel.
On the one hand, I think it is fantastic that people can unite on one particular day to celebrate peace around the world. However, as much as I support the concept and the work of the United Nations, I don’t think they have the answers to being able to achieve a true world peace. They have incredible people working for the United Nations, and I do not mean to undermine their work, but they have been in existence since 1945, and people continue killing each other, a large part of it in the name of religion but there have also been other issues. I think they are too restricted by trying to be politically correct and not wanting to offend anybody by addressing some of the fundamental causes of war.

The site says “A Day of Global Ceasefire and Non Violence” They lobbied for the International Day of Peace. Well, a day or even a year or a decade of ceasefire/non violence does not equate to a true world peace. I feel more as if it is an International Day of Ceasefire.
I feel a bit strange saying that, I have been a big defender of the United Nations, when it came under criticism from others. I think they do fantastic work, and I don’t mean to be critical myself, but I think a different approach is needed.
I think a true World Peace day needs to address the concepts of inner peace and truth on an individual level, as well as ways of uniting together in friendship. I want to address World Peace in a different way, which is why I have been writing a book to put some of those thoughts and ideas on to paper, so that people can read or listen to those words and decide for themselves if this is something they would like to be a part of. Do I think I will see world peace in my lifetime. Honestly, the answer to that questions is probably not. I am under no illusions as to how big a task is at hand. Do I think that together we can plant the seeds and lay the foundations for a future world peace, absolutely yes. I firmly believe World Peace is possible and will one day be a reality. Lets take a look at the other option for a moment.

We have watched Wars go on in different part of the world, and to a large extent people have become complacent. It doesn’t affect me, or it is no big deal. For a large number of people it is just something they watch on the nightly news. To an extent, it has been no big deal, as since World War 2, those wars have been conflicts between smaller non nuclear superpowers. But with the growing tension and possibility for the escalation of a conflict into a World War between USA and Russia over Ukraine, or USA and China over the disputed islands and seas they are claiming territory over, war would be taken to a whole different level. We now have nuclear weapons, and we have proof that countries are not afraid to use them in a conflict. America used them towards the end stage of a war that they were already winning and did not really need to use in my opinion. So you can clearly see that the losing side in any conflict, if they had nuclear weapons, would have absolutely no hesitation in using them. When you see the movie “On the Beach” you see that nuclear fallout affects everybody on the planet. I don’t believe in the title “World War 3”, I think a more appropriate title would be “Global Suicide”

So if you feel in your heart a passion towards peace, please take a minute to join our small group Together we can make a difference!

Laughter for World Peace

Lately there have been a lot of rather disturbing scenes on the news, some far too gruesome to mention. There is a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche which says
“And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you”
I do not care to gaze into the abyss or dwell on it and let it affect me and have no intention to post about such things here. Sure I will still mention some negative things, but merely to highlight the importance of world peace, things which although they may seem negative, I feel in some way have inspired me to action or to work for the cause of world peace.

Which brings me to the topic of this post, from a lot of posts it may be clear that music is a big part of my life. I love music, its like food or oxygen for the soul for me. But equally as important is laughter. Sure I have moments of seriousness or times when I may be sad or upset, but for the most part I don’t like to take life too seriously. I love to laugh and joke around and I like people that make me laugh.
When I look at all of the stuff that I watch on youtube, guess what they have all have in common? Yes thats right, they all make me laugh.
Some of the you tubers that I watch are Kidbehindacamera, Boogie2988, DoseofFousey, Alex Mandel Vlogs, Roman Atwood and vitalyzd. Nearly all of them are pranksters and they all make me laugh. I firmly believe that people gifted with the talent of making others laugh play an important role in making the world a better place.

When you see all those people on the news, spouting words of hate, doing unspeakable acts, do you ever notice how serious they are. Even certain world leaders, if they don’t laugh or can’t joke around, I just don’t seem to trust them that much. You don’t see laughing and joking around in a lot of the leaders of the biggest religions of the world, with the exception of the Dalai Lama, who I have seen laugh and joke. So to borrow a catchphrase from Roman Atwood, “Smile More”, laugh more, I firmly believe it is good for your inner peace, which in turn can only be good for World Peace. 🙂

12 Years A Slave

Based on a true story, this is by far the best movie I have seen this year. It tells the story of Solomon Northup, who is abducted and sold into slavery. It shows how terrible things were in the past, and you can’t help but feel that despite all the negativity that surrounds modern times, we truly have progressed for the positive. To go from what happened in this movie, to an era where Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America is an amazing achievement.