Killing of Dolphins in Japan

It always saddens me to see this senseless killing of dolphins.

As much as I disagree with the capturing of dolphins for sale to aquariums and places like Sea World, I can at least understand that they are making money from doing that.

The killing of these animals, bottle nose dolphins have brains larger than humans, is a disgusting act. Dolphin meat contains very high levels of mercury and is toxic to eat, in many cases, it is being sold and passed off as whale meat to an unsuspecting public.

I think in the same way that Japan continues to slaughter whales, there is a certain arrogance, that they will not let the rest of the world dictate to them what is morally right. I think change will only occur when the people of Japan pressure their government to change.

If you have not seen the documentary, The Cove, I highly recommend it. There have been many reported instances of Dolphins saving humans from shark attacks.

Jody Williams, A realistic vision for world peace

This is an interesting talk from 2o10 by Jody Williams who won a Nobel Peace Prize for her work to eradicate landmines.


I do not agree with her comments early on in the video where she discusses what world peace really means. She argues that it is not personal serenity, but justice and equality. I firmly believe that World Peace will become a natural by product of people around the world finding Inner Peace in their lives. And although this may sound harsh, although justice is important, I do not think World Peace is dependant on equality and enough people having enough resources to live dignified lives. I think the sad truth is that resources are finite and limited, yet certain countries act irresponsibly in terms of population growth. I don’t think you can have limited resources or have land which is not suitable for food production and have a high population and expect equality. Yes I do think there are some unfair corporate practices which have lead to some countries being exploited and I think those issues need to be addressed. But if a country acts irresponsibly in terms of population control, then it must be prepared to suffer the consequences. Not living within the means of what the country you live in can provide, and trying to seek an equality of lifestyle with what other countries have, is what some wars have been fought over.  How many wars have we seen over oil and other natural resources.

I do however agree with her latter comments on the need for action, and that if enough of us got off our butts and volunteered as much time as we could, we would change this world, we would save this world.


International Day of Peace – September 21

I would like to thank Kari from for notifying me of the video below and asking to help spread the word about the International Day of Peace on September 21.

Another interesting video which gives you some background on the origins of the International Day of Peace can be seen at this TEDTALK.  The world needs more passionate people like Jeremy Gilley.


We’re all in this together by Ben Lee

If I were to compile a list of my top ten favourite peace songs, “We’re all in this together” by Ben Lee would definitely be in my top ten.
It is an awesome song, below is a clip of the song from a tv commercial. Ben Lee is also from Sydney Australia just like me :p

The lyrics are very beautiful and inspiring, and the music is timeless.

woke up this morning
i suddenly realized
were all in this together
i started smiling
cos you were smiling
and were all in this together
im made of atoms
youre made of atoms
and were all in this together

i know you think
about jumping ship before it sinks
but were all in this together
ask a scientist
its quantum physics
were all in this together

yknow baby
theres never been protection
in all the history of human connection
cmon darling
its alright to show me
you dont ever need to be lonely
once you start to open your heart

Peace Man

This is a fun little video I stumbled upon on Youtube, Peace Man at Tokyo Tower, Japan.
I liked the end where he asked somebody “Why is peace important?”
The answer “There is nothing more important than peace”

World Peace Statistics and About Page

I just spent well over an hour trying to add some statistics to this site. It was a rather simple task, it was just that every thing I tried seemed to not work. Anyhow, we now have site statistics, and I am hoping that might motivate me a little, to stop being so lazy and post more often.

1 contributors have published
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I also added a favicon image, so you should see a little peace sign in the address bar when you visit the site, I know it is an extremely small thing, but I noticed it was missing, so it is good to add it back on.

And most importantly, I added an about page at That is long overdue and at least provides some guidance on what this site is about, although it is only a brief guide.

Universal Justice Video

The following video link was sent to me via email from Yaniv. It details his viewpoint on how to achieve World Peace. I should point out, that I do not agree entirely with this viewpoint, I am not really in favour of a world government, I am more in favour of improvements to the United Nations. I personally would rather see people pressure their current leaders to commit to not engaging in war that is not sanctioned by a majority vote of the United Nations.  Had that happened, the war in Iraq that just ended, would have never started.

The video is definitely worth taking a look for those who have an interest in World Peace, it is well produced.

In response to my comments, Yaniv asked me to post the following

this video does not call for a world government in the simple meaning, it just suggest a world parliament created from the highest quality of people that will be a supervising only over international affairs, it won’t have the right to touch with any of nations internal laws, economy, etc, except if its in cases of protecting human rights from its own oppressed government or in some cases of global environment concern.

One Day of War in Iraq

This video shows all of the things that could be done with the money spent from just one day of the war in Iraq, estimated to be about $720 million. I do not know how accurate those figures are, and how current they are, but there can be no denying that an insane amount of money is being spent in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The thing is, people are getting rich of these wars. There are corporations that stand to profit from war and no doubt beat the drums of war. And these corporations make political donations. You can draw the rest from there. All I can say. when I see the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, where once I thought there was apathy, I see people who understand what is really happening, and how we need to take back our future from these corporations.  I see hope!

Just added three new blog categories

Just added three new forum categories, for subjects that I am passionate about.
1. People
2. Music
3. Documentaries
In particular, I do love watching documentaries on nature, the environment, philosophy and space, so I will be posting up my reviews on those.