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Contact Me

Just a quick note to mention that I have just installed a Contact Form on the site for anybody who wishes to contact me. It can be found here I tried some other forms, but this was the only … Continue reading

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World Peace by AE Ballakisten

Thank you everybody for the comments. From time time, I will be using them as a basis for a blog post and to highlight the good work being done for World Peace. The video below was produced by AE Ballakisten … Continue reading

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What the World Needs Now

This is a lovely song, the lyrics by Hal David and the music composed by the great But Bacharach. The version most popular while I was growing up, was the one by Dionne Warwick. “What the world needs now, is … Continue reading

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Amazon Dams

Saw an interesting piece on Sixty Minutes Australia on the plight of the native people of the Amazon forest. They have lived their lifestyle relatively untouched by modern society for thousands of years, and now, like in a scene from … Continue reading

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Just added three new blog categories

Just added three new forum categories, for subjects that I am passionate about. 1. People 2. Music 3. Documentaries In particular, I do love watching documentaries on nature, the environment, philosophy and space, so I will be posting up my … Continue reading

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I would like to announce that I have just setup a Newsletter Mailing list. Our Strength can only come from unity, and the newsletter is a means of both providing important site updates as well as alerting our members of … Continue reading

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Four elements of World Peace

Whilst this site may often mention some bad events happening in certain parts of the world, it serves no purpose to simply bury ones head in the sand. There will also be a strong positive focus, highlighting the good things … Continue reading

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World Peace Blog

Over the next few weeks, I will be restoring the world peace blog. I found the forum was just becoming overrun with spam, and a few people, myself being one, preferred the blog style option.

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