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Universal Justice Video

The following video link was sent to me via email from Yaniv. It details his viewpoint on how to achieve World Peace. I should point out, that I do not agree entirely with this viewpoint, I am not really in … Continue reading

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One Day of War in Iraq

This video shows all of the things that could be done with the money spent from just one day of the war in Iraq, estimated to be about $720 million. I do not know how accurate those figures are, and … Continue reading

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World Peace by AE Ballakisten

Thank you everybody for the comments. From time time, I will be using them as a basis for a blog post and to highlight the good work being done for World Peace. The video below was produced by AE Ballakisten … Continue reading

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Just added three new blog categories

Just added three new forum categories, for subjects that I am passionate about. 1. People 2. Music 3. Documentaries In particular, I do love watching documentaries on nature, the environment, philosophy and space, so I will be posting up my … Continue reading

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World Peace Blog

Over the next few weeks, I will be restoring the world peace blog. I found the forum was just becoming overrun with spam, and a few people, myself being one, preferred the blog style option.

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